We love you, Jimmer…

A quick thought on Jimmer's trip to Utah.

… but you’re about to get Jazzed.

I like to think I’m a rational BYU fan. “But wait,” says the snarky Ute fan. “That impossible. Such a thing does not exist.”

To which I reply: “Touché.”

But I’ll try, anyway.

We’re now a season removed from Jimmer-mania, and while all things Jimmer have calmed in Provo, things are about to get crazy up north in Salt Lake City. The Jimmer comes to Utah today for the first time as an NBA player, and this has left all Utah Jazz-cheering, Jimmer-loving peoples in a tight spot. Who do you support? The local hero that put BYU basketball on the map again, or the fresh-faced, slumping Utah Jazz that need all the wins they can get to have a chance to make the playoffs this year.

I recently conducted a decidedly unscientific poll among Jazz/Jimmer fans concerning this very thing, and the results were clear: Jazz win > Good game for Jimmer. Which, if you’re a true Jazz fan, is really the only way you can feel about Saturday’s match up. Would it be fun to watch Jimmer hit six or seven three’s? Unquestionably. Would that be worth watching the young, over-achieving Jazz lose at home to a floundering Kings squad that has little business beating any team in the NBA? Fredette about it (I couldn’t resist).

A recent KSL story quoted KSL TV executive producer and “rabid* Jazz fan” Chris Moore as saying, when asked which is more important between a Jazz win and Jimmer having a good game, “Jimmer playing well. I want to see him play well.” Chris Moore is no Jazz fan. No true fan could hope for a different outcome, regardless of who’s coming to town.

*If a rabid dog bites Jimmer … Jimmer gets rabies. That’s typically what happens in these situations.