Washington Week

Coach Krystkowiak after Washington State

Respecting the Game (Wash St)

The last two times Utah won by 41 points. The last time Washington State won in Salt Lake was in the 1940’s. The Vegas line on the game had Utah by 16+. Utah had this game all wrapped up… Then the game tipped off. Spoiler alert, Utah only won by four. So what did they do wrong? According to Coach Krystkowiak they didn’t respect the game. They took bad shot, got selfish, got lazy on defense. Larry was right.

Great Minds Think Alike?

I think the Basketball team has learned from the Football team. There has been a trend most of the season with our hoops squad. It seems to have been a learned behavior the the gridiron team. During the football season I asked Coach Whittingham why the offense really only comes alive when it gets down a couple scores. While I currently don’t remember the answer he gave, I have noticed the similarities between the two squads. During the Wash St game we trailed 19-9, in today’s game against the Huskies we were down 18-10. Maybe it’s the altitude catching up, or maybe it’s the sporting culture on the hill. Whatever it is I would love to see the Hoops team get to a point where they come out firing and don’t take their foot off the gas until they cross the finish line.

Beating A Starless Team (Wash)

Markelle Fultz is probably going to be a top five pick in next years draft. He’s currently one of the best Freshman in the country, tops in scoring. So it goes without saying that not having him hurt the offense tonight. The game doesn’t just come down to offense. Washington has a defensive stand out in Malik Dime. So maybe Dime could make a difference in Fultz’s absence. Then again, maybe not. Malik Dime is suspended indefinitely for giving a Colorado student a high five…. to the face.

After what has become a typically slow start for the Utes the offense came alive, and the defense became impenetrable. Just over 7 minutes in the Utes called a time out down 18-10. They proceeded to go on a 34-10 run, to end the half up 44-28. If it weren’t for a last second, very deep, 3 pointer it would have been even worse.

Up Next

Thursday the Utes head up to Eugene and take on the Ducks. Sunday they travel to face the Beavers. It’s a particularly long road trip with a trip to Boulder the 23rd. before coming back the first week of March to take on the Bay schools.

Must Win Season

The hiccups in the Bay area hurt our chances at an NCAA birth. By hurt I mean they made it almost impossible. To continue the recent streak of going to the big dance Utah needs to win out and do well in the PAC 12 Tournament. It won’t be easy, but it is doable.