All the talk

Multiple sources are saying the Utes have been invited to the PAC-10. Press conference tomorrow at 1 will announce if the Utah Board of Trustees approves.

All the talk has finally come true.  Today the PAC-10 invited the Utes into the conference.  The Utah Board of Trustees will meet tomorrow to decide if they  approve of the change.  Uh… duh?!  A press conference is expected at 1 p.m MST.

I’m in a bind.  Usually I cheer for USC or UCLA when a Utah school isn’t playing.  NOW I can’t do that anymore because they’re in the same conference as Utah.  What am I to do?

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I became a sports fan probably in about 3rd grade after my family moved to St. George, Utah. Honestly before then I’m not even really sure I knew what they were. I do remember watching the Lakers play at my grandparents in California with my cousins, but I don’t remember it catching my attention for too long.

Once settled in St. George, I became a huge Jazz fan. Then I cheered for any college team in the state, yes both the Utes and Cougars. My mom was going to Dixie College at the time and would take my siblings and I to lots of those sporting events. My favorite sports in order are: basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and the rest I don’t follow very much.

My love for the Jazz has never wavered since it started. When my husband and I got married in 2006 we bought season tickets and had them until 2013. I love the Jazz and going to the games.

I developed my love for the University of Utah after my husband started attending the U in fall 2007. My love of the UofU even took my husband and I to the Sugar Bowl in January 2009. So far football and gymnastics are the only sporting events I’ve been to at the U.

I also enjoy going to SL Bees game and Real Salt Lake games.

I occasionally write and content edit for I’m a stay at home mom to a 4 year old boy and baby 1 year old girl. Before becoming a mom, I was a 3rd grade teacher.

  • Justin

    Uh Duh! You do what I am doing. You get rid of all things Pac-10 except whatever is introduced at the Utah Bookstore. I am having a small ceremony to rid myself of all things Bruin after work today. A long love affair with UCLA is now gone forever as I will never be able to root for the Bruins again. Go UTES! RoseBowl 2012!