Utes Fight For Bowl Eligibility

Let’s be be honest Utah fans. We have been extremely spoiled over the past 10 years. In that time Utah has produced two undefeated seasons. Only two other programs in the nation can say they have done that as well (Auburn, Boise State). We as Utah fans have gotten so spoiled that anytime the Utes don’t win 10 games a year, we lose our minds! I will admit I am guilty of this as well, probably more than I am proud to admit.

Brace yourselves, the threat of missing a bowl game this year is real. But you know what? I think the Utes can go bowling. So let’s put off the rioting in the street and asking for Kyle Whittingham‘s head!  We are the ones who wanted to join the Pac-12, but did we really expect us to roll everyone like we did in the Mountain West?  Maybe a little, but remember, I’m kind of a delusional fan at times. Unfortunately that’s not the case, not even close!

traviswilsonFirst, let’s address the elephant in the room. I’m talking about the loss of Travis Wilson. To think that just the other day we all thought it was just a concussion, only then to learn of how serious it was, made me sick. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be the starting quarterback of a Division 1 football program in big time conference, and then learn you may be done with football.  I hope everything is going to be alright with Wilson and that none of this has an effect on his long-term health. I would love to see him in a Utah football uniform again, but only if that’s in his best interest. Life is bigger than football, sometimes I forget that.  Whether he plays another down or not, all Utah fans owe Travis Wilson a big thank you!

With that being said, we can now turn our attention to football. The Utes stand at 4-6 right now and need to win their next two games over Washington State and Colorado for a bowl game to be a possibility. Both of these games Utah SHOULD win. But just because you should win a game, doesn’t mean you will. Remember how Stanford SHOULD  have beaten the Utes? We all know how that ended. First up is Washington State. Wazzu is a better team than last year, but they aren’t perfect. Mike Leach is known for his pass heavy offense, which would have given Utah’s defense nightmares at the start of the season. But with players like Keith McGill, Justin Thomas and Michael Walker stepping up in the Secondary, Utah’s defense will be well prepared for the onslaught of passes thrown down field.

Lastly, I would like to briefly address the Adam Schulz situation. Schulz is a good quarterback. He may not be as versatile as Wilson, but the dude has a cannon for an arm, and he knows how to make good reads. We are going to be fine! Let me pose you this question. Have the Utes ever won games with a backup quarterback? If your answer is yes (and it should be), then rest easy.

But don’t get too complacent! If the Utes are to find themselves bowling this holiday season, there is some work to be done!