Utes Sign the Dotted Line

Well, it is finally official after months of rumors and talk the Utah Utes will officially join the PAC-10. We here at TornBySports.com all have opinions. So here are the reactions of all our writers.

Well, it is finally official after months of rumors and talk the Utah Utes will officially join the PAC-10. We here at TornBySports.com all have opinions. So here are the reactions of all our writers.

Jessica – The first time I heard the possibility of the Utes going to the PAC-10 I thought, “Wow!  That would be amazing.”  But I was sure it wouldn’t happen.  Then sports radio started speculating constantly and I was annoyed. All of the sudden it was official.  I was stoked!   Today before the news conference I was bubbly and teaching my five months old how to make the “U” with his hands. During the news conference I was a proud Ute. Go Utes!

Matt – The U of U leaving the Mountain West is a big change, and its affects will be like ripples on a pond.  The fact the Utah is leaving will affect everyone differently.   As for their hated rival, they are probably going to feel like the brother left behind.  Many I think will feel a little nostalgic because they would have liked to see Utah and BYU stay in the same conference forever and continue to have epic battles year in and year out.  The rivalry will continue of course, but it remains to be seen if it will still feel the same.  Who knows if there will be the same intensity and deep passion ten years from now, if they aren’t playing each other every year?  One thing is certain, in the immediate future BYU and Utah will no longer play the same Mountain West teams every year and in some ways it may only lead to greater debates on which team is better, especially if they don’t play each other.  One affect is that the PAC  10 is definitely lucky to have gotten Utah and the Mountain West is worse off even though they were able to add a well respected Boise State. I’m sure some share my opinion that it would have been fun to see the U of U stay in the Mountain West and begin to battle Boise State on a yearly basis.  There will of course be many more effects because of the move Utah has chosen; many of which aren’t evident now, but will be in years to come.  Only in the years to come will time tell if the move was worth it or not, but then again that depends who you are because change affects everyone differently.

Matt H – Congratulations Utes. You’ve made it to the league of the Big boys. I’m not gonna pretend that its not a big deal, because it is. I will say this however, this does not mean you have better teams, or guarantee that you will be for the years to come. You’ll be getting more money, money doesn’t always guarantee success. In this new league you’ll be introduced to a lot more politics and egos. Good luck to you there.

BYU will move on, like we always have. You see the thing is, BYU can stand alone. We are not a one trick pony. Our football team ended last year ranked at No. 13, our basketball team was ranked at No. 22 and Our softball team ended the season ranked at No. 15 in the country. Our track team sent 14 athletes to the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. I could go on, but the point is that the state of BYU athletics is pretty dang good. Life may be richer in the big boys conferences, but both BYU and Utah have been fighting for years to prove that just because you’re in a BCS conference doesn’t mean you are better than teams in a non-BCS conference. Remember that Utah.

We’ll be reminding you on November 27th.

Andrew – Skipping all the analyzing, all the stats, and all the numbers I usually like to throw out and going right to my gut feeling, Utah going to the Pac-10 is the best thing to happen to his state since Stockton to Malone. The changes will be visibly apparent as Utah will also add to the stadium to accommodate the influx of fans we are sure to receive to see Utah play with some of the countries best teams. How could you not be excited about that? I could not be more happy to be a season ticket holder today. Years of suffering through Wyoming and SDSU have finally paid off. Already, many Cougars have tried to down play this move saying “Utah won’t do well” or “The Pac-10 isn’t that great anyway”. Well, it’s better than the MWC, and it’s a one way ticket to the Rose Bowl, so you can keep yourselves on the Vegas Bowl forever for all I care. Utah has a good chance of dare I say even winning the conference fast, what with Oregon and USC’s recent issues. It is a good time to join the Pac-10 (Pac-12?).

Ryan – Utah moving to the Pac-10 (12?) brings extremely mixed feelings. Overall, it’s obviously a smart move by Utah. It makes sense financially and it will open up great opportunities for the university, namely for the football program with recruiting and funding. Initially, the change seems exciting. It’s going to be great competition and the opportunity of automatic qualifying.

On the flip side, I would have liked to see Utah stay in the MWC, especially with Boise St. coming. Boise St. isn’t necessarily on the same level as some Pac-10 teams, but I honestly believe the MWC would no doubt have received an automatic bid in 2012 with the addition of Boise St., considering they might have gotten it without them. From a fan perspective it was fun to watch Utah break through the BCS two times. Both BCS bowls had great “stick it to the man” feeling about them. This won’t happen anymore. I also believe it will diminish the significance of the BYU rivalry a great deal. So, I’m not completely satisfied with the move, but I am excited to see what will happen.

Grant – I never thought I would mention Utah and PAC-10 in the same sentence, but today I am. The Utes can now lose a game and get into a BCS bowl. That is the main thing that comes to mind. Oregon went 10 – 3 and went to the Rose Bowl. There are other reasons to like this move … $ $ $ $ $ and more $. This is just a hunch, but I think the Utes might get more money in the PAC-10 than they did in the MWC (Mountain West Conference). Another thing that is better than the MWC? The TV deal. The Utes will be on FSN and ESPN. Those two sound a whole lot better than the Mtn Network. Another plus will be recruiting. Coaches no longer will have to pitch the MWC to recruits. They will simply say, “We are in the PAC-10.” Now, everyone is talking about how this is going to affect the rivalry. I think everyone is forgetting that Utah hates BYU. We classless Ute fans hold grudges people. I also think it will get bigger for BYU. BYU against the big bad team from the BCS automatic qualifying conference. But don’t worry BYU fans, the Utes will still win no matter what the conference. Go Utes!

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