Ute Talk Episode 33

Ute Talk

Grant and Joseph host this episode of Ute Talk, discussing everything about the Holy War. First they touch on other league news, including Gary Anderson’s tenuous future at Oregon State and Utah’s NFL success in the wake of cut day. Then they talk Utah-BYU, covering the history of the rivalry and how it’s moved from lopsided to close, and now is shifting to lopsided again in the favor of the Utes. We talk about our favorite memories from the rivalry and how we see its future. Finally, we discuss key matchups in the game, whether or not the Utes’ big talk on game week is a problem, and make our predictions.

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Alan "Jedi" Zaugg

Alan “Jedi” Zaugg is managing editor of TornBySports and host of the Jedi & Jerms podcast. He’s an avid NBA fan and basketball junkie and passionate sports enthusiast. He enjoys writing and illustrating. He hosts a Star Wars podcast and writes for The Cantina Cast in addition to a myriad of other projects. He also writes fantasy and science fiction in his spare time. You can follow him on Twitter: @jedizaugg

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