UTE HANGOUT: Winning record if… & Ute’s most important game

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Q:  This Utes will have a winning record if….?

UTECENTRAL:  The Utes were terrible on offense last year.  Maybe terrible is not a bad enough description for their ineptitude which was at the bottom of not only the Pac-12, but really amongst the worst in college football.  For me, if the Utes have an average offense, and finish in the middle of the pack in both the Pac-12 and national rankings, they should be able to win at least six games and perhaps even eight.  If they had a offense that was half way decent last year, they would have been bowling for sure.  An offensive turnaround and a defense that stays the same should give the Utes enough to get back to their winning ways.

UTESOFUTAH: @UTECENTRAL a defense that stays the same may be a difficult task to accomplish as the secondary is young after losing three starters to the League. But I agree with you, if their offense can step it up just a little bit, Utah will make some noise.

HOYOSREVENGE: If they simply stay healthy and take care of business.

UTECENTRALJR: I think that the Offensive line did okay but if they want to have a winning record they have to dominate or at least control the line of scrimmage.  I saw that the linemen were standing up on a lot of the plays and if they don’t stay low they are going to get crushed that is all I half to say.

COLESWAN: The Utes will have a winning record if we can win the in-state games. We know that the whole season changed last year after the loss to USU.  I think the Utes will come out with redemption and take care of business against the Aggies.  BYU will be a tougher game, precisely because they scheduled a bye the week before they play the U, and its in Happy Valley. Both are going to be great games, if the Utes come away with W’s in both of those games, we are bowl bound.

DAHLELAMA: Established running game and good to great passing game.

UtesInTheNFL: Convert on third down, win turnover margin, and score in the red zone.

UTESOFUTAH: Defensive takeways, efficient red zone defense, and any improvement in the pass game.

RobJackTBS: Utah will have a winning record if guys can stay healthy and if the offense can execute. We have to have consistent play from the quarterback as well. Travis Wilson needs to step up, be a leader and help this team put points on the board. Defensively if Utah can be more aggressive and get more takeaways than they did last year than they should be able to have a winning record

MatthewJaques: Travis Wilson is a good as we hope and the defense gets some takeaways this year.

UtahsMrSports: We get good QB play.  In the Kyle Whittingham era, I think we have shown that every aspect of the team will be at the very least adequate most games.  QB has always been a huge issue in seasons where we didn’t do as well as we’d like (the obvious exception is the 2006 season and the running game debacle, but lets not open up that wound!).

Q:  Which game is the most important game of the season?

HOYOSREVENGE: Oregon St. We really need a win there to set the tone for where we want to be.  Winning that game is a very big deal.

UTECENTRALJR: Utah State. a big win over the Aggies will boost Utah’s confidence and will allow Utah to win a lot of our games.

UTECENTRAL:  If you ask Kyle Whittingham right now, I would imagine that he would say Utah State and I would mostly agree since this team needs confidence and a win over the Aggies would do it.  That being said, a win over Oregon State would go a long way in determining if the Utes finish with a winning record.  It will be a very tough game, but a win there puts the Utes in a great spot with 9 games to go.

DAHLELAMA: Utah state. If we start out 0-1 I don’t see us getting to a bowl.

UtesInTheNFL: The first one.

COLESWAN: @DAHLELAMA: Completely agree. The first game will show us all what to expect this season. If we lose to USU, it will be a long season. If we win, momentum and confidence will pick up.

RobJackTBS: The Oregon State game is very important. Utah can’t have another bad start in conference play.

MatthewJaques: I think it has to USU. If they don’t play well, even in a win, I think the tone of the whole season will be disrupted. USU will be good, I don’t think as good as last year, but Utah needs to show they can beat and handle a MWC team, even a good one.

UtahsMrSports: I agree wtih a lot of the above posters.  It’s Utah State.  Starting 0-1, as crazy as this sounds, might be too much to dig out of for a bowl game.  I do hope we are a more mentally tough group this year and can bounce back from losses more quickly.