UTE HANGOUT – Which road and home games are you looking forward to the most?

Ute Hangouts are simple.  Utah fans/experts (some are both) get together and chat about several questions regarding the Utes.  Over the next week, we’ll be posting their answers as they make their predictions for the upcoming season.  You can follow each of our contributors on Twitter as we’ve added links to their accounts below.  As always, thank you to our contributors and enjoy.

Q:  Which home game are you looking most forward to and why?

HOYOSREVENGE: Utah v Stanford- A team ranked this high visiting RES and a team I believe we match up well with.  I think we could pull an upset and give the program a real boost.

UTESOFUTAH: I completely agree with @HOYOSREVENGE, Stanford will have a rude awakening when the hear the MUSS. Just like USC did last year. If Utah can start strong, they will have a chance to knock down a giant and earn some much needed respect in the Pac-12.

UtesInTheNFL: Utah vs UCLA or Utah vs Stanford. UCLA has been to two straight Pac12 Championship Teams, have been owning recruiting and the game at the Rose Bowl last year was there for the Utes taking. The Stanford game is interesting because they could be top 2 or 3 and I agree with what @HOYOSREVENGE said.

DAHLELAMA: Utah vs Stanford. The atmosphere at the Utah vs USC game was awesome. And i think this game will be similar.

UTECENTAL:  Utah vs Stanford.  We haven’t seen this team yet since joining the Pac-12 and they are absolute beasts and will likely be a top 5 team when they come to Rice Eccles Stadium.  This match up gives the Utes an opportunity to earn some respect. Can the Utes beat the Cardinal? Of course, anything is possible once you get on the field, but it will certainly be tall order.  I think the Utes will come into that game with a lot of emotion, #UteNation will be going crazy looking for the big upset and you never know what might happen when those two things come together.  That’s what makes college football so great.  “I love me an upset.”

RobJackTBS: I’m looking forward to the Stanford home game. Right now they are the standard in the conference. It would be a huge statement win for the Utes if they were able to win that game. Rice-Eccles will be loud and ready.

UtahsMrSports: I am actually looking forward to the Oregon St. game.  We have started off so miserably in conference play during our time in the Pac-12 and this will be our chance to get started off on the right foot.

matthewjaques: I think i am split between Oregon State and UCLA, because I think those are really the swing games between being 6-6 and 8-4

GrantTBS: I am with @UtahsMrSports I am looking forward to the Oregon St game most. The Utes need to get the Pac-12 schedule started with a win otherwise I could see this football season going down a very slippery and dark route.

Q: Which road game are you looking forward to the most and why?

HOYOSREVENGE: Utah at Oregon.  It will be great to see where we stand with these guys.

UtesInTheNFL: Utah vs Oregon. Utah has played tough the last few times at Autzen and this is by far their toughest test, good benchmarking game.

UTESOFUTAH: Utah at USC. The Oregon game is way more sexy than the USC game and naturally the easy pick. However, USC/UTAH has been quite the game the past two years and is becoming a small rivalry. Can you imagine if these games continue to be close throughout the years? What an upgrade of a rival… from BYU to Colorado to USC!

DAHLELAMA: Utah @ Oregon. Excited to see if we show up and can make it a game.

RobJackTBS: I am looking forward to the Oregon game the most. Along with Stanford, they are the standard right now in the Pac-12. Autzen Stadium is a very tough place to play so it will be interesting to see how we handle the noise and atmosphere there. Utah came close to beating Oregon at their place a few years back only losing by a touchdown, hopefully they can put themselves in a situation to win that game this year.

UtahsMrSports: USC.  There is just something about them that I want to crush.  Beating them on their home field would be great.

MatthewJaques: USC – For better or worse, USC will always be the measuring stick of this division. Utah came close 2 years ago in their first game in the PAC 12 and a win there this year could go a long way to establishing a real PAC 12 identity.

GrantTBS: BYU. I want to see the Utes go down to Provo and rock it. Let BYU fans know that the rivalry hiatus is for their program to improve enough to give the Utes a game. The Utes aren’t avoiding the team down south. It just isn’t fun anymore when the Utes have won 7 out of the last 10 years. Make that 8 out of 11.

UTECENTRALJR: Utah vs BYU because I want to see Utah beat BYU for the fourth time and I just really love seeing BYU lose! I also want to see what Utah can do against the likes of BYU.  What can the Cougars do against Utah?  I don’t expect much.

UTECENTRAL:  I have the USC game circled on my calendar as the wife and I will be in attendance.  This is the year I really think the Utes beat the Trojans after two really close and competitive games so far in the series.  The stars are not a bright for USC this season (even though they are still loaded with talent) with the departures of Woods, Barkley and others that have moved onto the NFL.  Their starting quarterback is still a mystery and hopefully a weakness when the Utes meet them on October 26th.  I’m crossing my fingers that this will finally be the year that the Utes get a signature win on the road and I’m pick the USC game to be it.