UTE HANGOUT: Season predictions on Utah’s 2013 record and against USU

Q:  What will the Ute’s record be at the end of the year and list the teams that they’ll beat to get to your win total?

HOYOSREVENGE– I really believe it will be 8-4 Weber, USU, OSU, BYU, Stanford, Arizona, Wazzu, Colorado.

UTESOFUTAH: 8-4. Wins over USU, Weber, BYU, UCLA, Arizona, USC, Wazzu, and Colorado.

DAHLELAMA: 8-4 USU, Weber, OSU, BYU, UCLA, Arizona State, Wazzu, Colorado

COLESWAN: I am going with 7-5. Wins over USU, Weber, OSU, BYU, USC, Wazzu, Colorado

RobJackTBS: 7-5. USU, Weber State, OSU, UCLA, Arizona, WSU, Col.

MatthewJaques: 7-5, USU, Weber, OSU, BYU, UA, WSU and COL…

UtahsMrSports: 7-5 USU, Weber, OSU, BYU, UA, WSU, Col.  Anyone else have a sense of deja vu all over again while reading this?

UTECENTRAL:  7-5 with wins over USU, Weber, BYU, OSU, USC, WSU, COL.

Q: What is your prediction for the Utah State game and name your score? Who will be the MVP?

HOYOSREVENGE– Utah 38 USU 13. Kelvin York blows up the Aggies.

DAHLELAMA: Utah 35 USU 21 Wilson 3 TD 300 yards.

UTESOFUTAH: Utah 34 USU 24. USU makes things interesting in the first half, but the Utes pull away in the second as the running game opens things up.  Brian Blechen with 10 tackles, 4 tackles for a loss and one forced fumble.

RobJackTBS: 38-21 Utah. Travis Wilson will have his best game so far as a Ute.

COLESWAN: Utah 31 USU 24. Utah State comes out firing and punches Utah in the mouth early. Utes regain composure, contain Keeton and put a lot of pressure on him, and Utes control the rest of the game. If Utes can shut down Keeton early, this game will be a blowout as long as we don’t make stupid mistakes. Our receivers will have a big game against their secondary, our front 7 will do a good job on Keeton and Hill but they will break away and score a couple of times. Utes score in the 4th quarter to put it out of reach for the poor old Aggies and their fans, shattering all their hopes and dreams of going undefeated, Chuckie winning the Heisman, and them beating Alabama in the National Championship. Sorry Ags, you are still little brother, always will be.

MatthewJaques: Utah 35, USU 21. Travis Wilson Throws for 2 TDs, runs for 1. Kelvin York goes 100+ and a TD.

UtahsMrSports: Utah 31 USU 21 I have a lot of respect for USU, but I think that we take them this year.

UTECENTRAL:  I’m dying for the Utes to blow out the Aggies as I think it would send a great message to the state and the Pac-12, but I’m thinking it will be close.  I’ve got Utah with the victory with the final score of 31-21.  Travis Wilson passes for over 250 yards in the game, but Trevor Reilly will be the MVP with the biggest plays made on the defense.