Utah vs Utah State 2015 – Offense

Utah Utes

Here are some things that I saw on offense.  Utah still didn’t run the ball particularly well, but I give more credit to USU on that.  I thought the O-line was much improved this game vs the Michigan game.  Some of that probably is because of the level of competition that Utah saw up front this week.  Sorry USU fans, but your D-line doesn’t compare to Michigan’s.  With that said the protection was great.

Here is what I saw in the 1st quarter.

The passes out to the flats to Covey and Poole seem to be doing pretty well.  That can be contributed to WR blocking and just speed from those two guys specifically.  Honestly the blocking from the WR’s could have been a little bit better.  I think the 12 yard play could’ve have turned into a much longer play.

1st qtr 1st downblocking


Utah used some two back sets, but more often than not, motioned out of it.  I think it was to get the defense moving one direction and then going another.1st qtr 2back set


This 14 yard play-action pass to Covey worked pretty well.  You can see the linebackers move forward by their body language.  The pass blocking from the O-line was great.  When Wilson gets time to throw he’ll find the open WR.  Right now the open WR is, more often than not, Covey.

1st qtr play action 14yard to covey


I’m sure everyone has seen this a couple times, but it was just a well blocked play.  It really got the defense moving to one side though.

TW qtr TD








Here’s the 2nd quarter.

This 38 yard option run by Travis Wilson was the highlight of the 2nd quarter.  Unfortuntely, it was also the play he was hurt on.  Once the USU player committed to Booker, Wilson tucked the ball and ran.  There was a huge hole for Wilson.

38 yard option


Third quarter offense – Everything from here on out was Kendall Thompson.

Here’s a 4th in 1 play.  Started as a two back set.  Poole motioned to the opposite side and Booker took it straight up the middle.  The purpose of the motion is just to make the defense think, even if just for a split second.  It gives Utah just a small advantage before the LB’s react up the middle.

4in1 formation 4in1 motion


Here is a short pass that resulted in a 12 yard gain.  A tw RB set again.  After the snap both RB’s moved to the opposite side where they started.  It was a short dump off screen to Booker.

12yrd gain


Here is KT’s TD that capped off a long drive that took over 6 mins and 35 secs from the clock.

KT TD capped off 635 off clock


Fourth quarter didn’t really do much for the offense.  It’s one of my biggest complaints that once Utah gets a lead they tend to play conservative and try to run off as much time off the clock as possible.


*Extras – Covey needs to learn to take a fair catch in certain situations or he’s going to get blown up one of these times.  When he rips off a long run though when it looks like nothing is there it’s hard to complain.

no fair catch no fair catch2


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