Utah vs Utah St 2015 – Defense

Utah Utes

The purpose of these posts are to give perspective on how and why cetain plays result in the way they do.  Freeze frames allow me to slow down and look at the plays to see what’s really going on.

Here’s what we saw from the defense in the 1st quarter.

The defense actually blitzed one guy on a few different plays, but mostly just played the base 4-3.

d show blitz d 1st qtr set


The play where Chuckie Keeton got hurt was from a blitz up the middle.

Defense 1st qt rough passer blitz


2nd quarter defense was very vanilla.  I believe they were doing this as more strategic preventative defense before the half.  I hate when defenses play prevent because it only prevents quick scores… Not actual scoring drives.

defense 2nd qtr set defense 2nd qtr


This was the play where USU scored right before the half.  Base defense.  Chuckie located the guy in single coverage and delivered the throw before the safety could come over to help.  It was good coverage, but the WR just made a terrific play on the ball.  There was actually pass interference on the call probably because the CB didn’t turn his head very well.

USU td 2nd qtrScreenshot_1


3rd quarter was more vanilla.  It is important to note though that Utah’s defense gave up ZERO points in the 2nd half.  Nothing, nada, zilch.

defense 3rd qtr set defense 3rd qtr set1 defense 3rd qtr set2


4th quarter was really more of the same.

defense 4th qtr set1


This play was USU’s attempt to get some going in the middle of the field since nothing had been open almost all game.  They pulled 4 WR’s out to the right, which if you look, they actually had numbers over there and could have picked up some decent yardage on the play.  However, Chuckie faked and tried to run up the middle and gain minimal yardage.

defense 4th qtr set


Utah really didn’t show a lot, defensively, in this game.  I’m not sure if Utah is holding some packages for conference play or if they’re just a base defense that doesn’t give up the big plays.  They have been known to be a bend, not break, defense.  They need to find a good rotation on that front 4 that can get some pressure on the QB when needed.  Toward the end of the game the USU Left Tackle was beat on several plays.  There were times where Chuckie was rushed by this.  One time caused a fumble and another an interception.  I really believe Utah is testing out different sets and looking at film before conference play begins.  We forget they have a very inexperienced secondary.  I think they want to get some film on these guys and see where they stack up before conference play beings.

I guess only time will tell.

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