Utah Utes Football: Will the Utes be able to move the ball against Oregon?


Throughout the first three games of the season, the Utah Utes offense has been interesting to say the least.

Against Michigan, the Utes really couldn’t get much going on either the ground or through the air.

Total Yards: 337

Passing: 210

Rushing: 127

17 total points scored (1 Defensive TD)=24 points

Against Utah State, the ground game was a little bit better but the passing game left something to be desired.

Total Yards: 327

Passing: 132

Rushing: 195

24 total points scored

Against Fresno State, the run game was excellent but the passing game was pretty much non existent.

Total Yards: 380

Passing: 159

Rushing: 221

24 total points scored (1 Defensive TD, 2 Special Teams TDs)=45points

From the stats above the Utes offense is averaging right around 348 total yards a game with 167 of those coming from the pass game and 181 coming from the run game. The Utes offense is also averaging 24 points a game through three games.

The Oregon Ducks defense has been struggling through the first three games this season.The only thing that has helped Oregon is the fact that their offense can basically score at will (61, 28,61 points the first 3 games) and that outside of Michigan State, they haven’t really faced a tough team.

In their first game against Eastern Washington, the Ducks defense really struggled.

Gave up 549 Total Yards

Gave up 438 Passing Yards

Gave up 111 Rushing Yards

Gave up 42 points

EW QBs: 293/3TDs and 145/2TDs (Top 2)

EW RB: 43yds rushing/1TD and 37yds (Top 2)

EW WRs: 246/3TDs and 60yds/1TD (Top 2)

In their second game against a tough, highly ranked Michigan State team, the Oregon defense did a little bit better.

Gave up 389 Total Yards

Gave up 192 Passing Yards

Gave up 197 Rushing yards

Gave up 31 points

Mich St QB: 192yds/2TDs

Mich St RBs: 103yds and 76yds/2TDs (Top 2)

Mich St WRs: 101yds/1TD and 48yds (Top 2)

In their third game against Georgia State, Oregon’s defense played a little better and also chipped in a couple of touchdowns off turnovers but they still struggled against what some would say lesser competition.

Gave up 431 Total Yards

Gave up 318 Passing Yards

Gave up 113 Rushing Yards

Gave up 28 points

GS QB: 318yds/3TDs

GS RBs: 42yds and 36yds (Top 2)

GS WRs: 128yds and 89/1TD (Top 2)

From the stats above the Oregon defense is giving up right around 456 total yards to opponents with 316 of those coming from passing yards and 140 coming from rushing yards. Their defense is also giving up about 34 points a game to opposing offenses.

Now if we look back to the 2014 game between the Ute offense and the Oregon defense we can see how well the Utes were able to move the ball.

The Utes had 440 Total Yards against Oregon

320 yards came from the pass game

120 yards came from the run game

The Utes scored 27 points

Oregon’s defense scored 1 TD off of a turnover (Kaelin Clay dropping the ball)

Passing game:

Travis Wilson: 297yds/2TDs

Kendal Thompson: 23yds

Running game:

Devontae Booker: 65yds

Kendal Thompson:28yds

Receiving game:

Kaelin Clay: 152yds

Devontae Booker: 110yds/1TD

Kenneth Scott: 22yds

The Utes offense was able to move the ball through the air more effectively last season against Oregon than they were able to run the ball. The only problem with last years game is that Oregon’s offense was able to move the ball and score at ease against the Utes defense and that is why they ultimately lost the game.

Looking at the above stats and numbers, the Utes should be able to really attack the Ducks not only on the ground with Booker but through the air. The Utes passing game should be able to breakout this game especially if Travis Wilson is the QB. The Utes really need to play a complete/balanced game on offense and the Utes defense needs to play out of their minds if they want to secure a victory on the road this Saturday night against Oregon.

The passing game needs to come around this game and guys need to step up and show that they are a threat. Kenneth Scott could easily have 150yds/2TDs against this Oregon secondary but the rest of the receivers need to step up as well as this could be a breakout game for any of them.

Booker and the run game should be able to move the ball with relative ease against Oregon’s defense but all that is dependent upon how well the Offensive line plays.

The Utes offense is going to have to score and score a lot this game.

It’s time to open up the playbook and play to potential.



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