Utah Utes Football: What I’ve Learned From This 6-1 Team


6 AND 1!!!

If you were to ask any Ute fan at the start of this season if they thought that after 7 games the Utes would be 6-1 they would think you were crazy!

I didn’t have the Utes record at 6-1 when I put out my predictions back in the Spring. I had the Utes 5-2 at this point with losses to Oregon and USC. I just didn’t think the Utes would be able to beat those two teams on the road. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad right?

So why is everyone freaking out over a 6-1 team?

Did anyone really expect this team to go undefeated?

The Utes started the season off okay. They sputtered through the first few games and then put the pedal to the metal against Oregon. Against Cal and ASU the Utes seemed to revert back to their old ways of an okay offense and a great defense. But last weekend against USC, outside of a few players, the Utes looked like they didn’t belong in the Pac 12. Bad offensive game plan, bad offensive output, mediocre defensive effort. Again I say that tongue in cheek because there were a few players who left it ALL out on the field.

The Pac 12 conference is a different animal. There are NO Wyomings, there are NO San Diego States, there are NO……you get the picture.

Week in and week out during conference play, the Utes have to be at their best. The talent level of the other teams in the Pac 12 is always going to be top notch and on any given week you can be beat.

So why all the fuss over a Utah team that is 6-1, can still WIN the South and basically controls their own destiny from here on out?

There’s still plenty of football left to play and ANYTHING can happen!

Here’s what I’ve learned through 7 games:

Gionni Paul’s instincts are top notch- prototypical/NFL caliber linebacker-ENJOY watching him Ute fans!

Britain Covey is a playmaker- get the ball in his hands more!

Tevin Carter is leaving a lot to be desired out there. Is he not 100%? Hopefully he comes around and starts playing to his potential.

Devontae Booker is one of the best running backs, if not the best, to play at the U. Why coaches went away from him against USC is beyond me.

Travis Wilson is still an up and down Quarterback. When he’s on he’s on but when he’s off he’s really off!

Dominique Hatfield is Utah’s best cover corner.

Cory Butler-Byrd is a dynamic playmaker who needs the ball in his hands. Utes need a receiver who can get separation. Time to move him to Offense.

Kenneth Scott needs the ball thrown his way more. Not once did the Utes take any downfield shots against USC. Disappointing to still see him not being utilized more in the offense.

Pita T needs to play more.

Brian Allen needs to play more. He actually did a good job covering JuJu when he was in.

Chase Hansen will be a good player whether on offense or defense in the future.

Passing game still needs A LOT of work.

The Utes need Jared Norris to be healthy. Very thin at LB outside of Paul and Norris.

This Ute team has A LOT of HEART!!!

The playbook we saw against Oregon needs to be opened up again.

7-1 sounds real nice!!!

Now go pound the Beavers!!!










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