Utah Utes Football: Vegas Vacation


I will have to admit that I felt a little letdown after Sunday’s bowl announcements. I personally pictured the Utes going to a fairly decent bowl game against a pretty good P5 opponent. Deep down inside I was really hoping for a battle of the “Real U” between the Utes and Miami. I envisioned many “flashing U’s” in a back and forth game with the victor claiming once and for all that they were the “REAL U!!!”

Plus, I wanted to see some more Eric Weddle tweets talking trash to  Warren Sapp.


One of the greatest tweets in the history of twitter.

I know, I know, Miami isn’t the greatest team on earth but I really wanted to see Gionni Paul give them a little taste of what could have been and with all of the Florida recruits the Utes have been landing lately, I think it would have been a good stage for the Utes to show what they’re all about and layeth the smacketh down on a team from Florida.

BUT alas, the football Gods had other ideas for the Utes.

The Utes were headed to Vegas much to my surprise to face the 9-3 Cougars of BYU. My heart sunk. Playing BYU near the holidays is bad for one’s health. A time where we are supposed to rejoice in family and friends is now going to be spent avoiding certain family and friends because you can’t stand their level of fandom.


I can’t stand BYU!!!

And what if the Utes lose????

My holidays will be forever ruined!!!!

Ugh, blah, Bah humbug!

I even wrote a little holiday poem about it:

Twas the night before the Vegas Bowl and all through my home,

Everyone is sleeping, I feel so alone!

My Ute flags are hung outside with care,

In hopes of victory tomorrow, a loss I can’t bear!

The team they are playing doesn’t like to play nice,

Cheap shots and nut punches, better bring extra ice!

They’ll be out for revenge, this we all know,

looking for #100 for their Coach Roscoe!

The Holy War is upon us, coming up slow and steady,

One thing I know for certain is;



Even though fans were frustrated with the bowl announcement, the Utes are still in a bowl game and BYU is a worthy opponent.

So, let’s get behind this team and hopefully we walk out of the Vegas bowl something like this.




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