Utah Utes Football: Spring Wide Receiver Breakdown

The WR position is an intriguing position that you’ll want to keep an eye on during spring camp. The Utes return a bunch of talented receivers but it remains to be seen if there is a go to guy that can fill the void left by Dres Anderson.

Last season the passing game was atrocious and in most games non-existent. The Utes cannot afford to have that happen again this season as teams will key on stopping the run game. The QB situation is still up in the air (as usual) and will probably stay that way into the last week of fall camp. SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!!

With spring camp right around the corner, here is a breakdown of the WR group up on the hill.

Kenneth Scott, the Utes most experienced receiver, will look to take on that #1 role. Last season, Scott was underutilized in the Utes’ offense. Catching little, dinky 3 yard outs and curls is not Scott’s strength. Scott is a fairly big receiver that has the ability to go up and get the ball and make plays. If the Utes decide to put some downfield throws into their playbook, Scott very well could come out of spring as the “go to guy.”

Tim Patrick is another big receiver that was having a pretty good season last year until he got injured. Assuming he is healthy enough for spring ball, look for Patrick to continue to be a big target for the Utes and he very well could come out of spring as the #1 or #2 guy.

The receivers that will look to fill that “burner” type role that Dres Anderson and Kaelin Clay held last season are in no particular order: Tyler Cooperwood, Jameson Field, Delshawn McClellon, Monte Seabrook, and Kenric Young. All these receivers have the speed and talent but the question is: Who will step up? This will definitely be an interesting group to watch this spring. In my opinion I think that Delshawn, Monte and Kenric will battle it out for that #1 slot spot and it likely won’t be decided until fall.

My pick for the surprise wide receiver in spring camp is going to be Raelon Singleton. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him and he has the size, talent and ability to compete for playing time. He might not overtake Scott or Patrick but I think he will earn a spot in the rotation.

My WR depth chart going into spring ball:

WR1: Kenneth Scott

WR2: Tim Patrick

WR3: Delshawn McClellon or Kenric Young or Monte Seabrook

Backing up Scott and Patrick on the outside: Raelon Singleton





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