Utah Utes Football: Reinstating Hatfield

Just a few minutes ago I read one of the most disgusting pieces of journalism I have ever read in my entire life. I would post a link but I really don’t want to give the author any more hits than he has already received.

In the article the author writes about how the Utes did the wrong thing by reinstating Dominique Hatfield. Now, it’s okay to have an opinion on the subject but when you start spouting off on things that you know nothing about and insinuating that Hatfield is lesser than because of the way he talks or because he grew up in a rough part of the country. Or that he somehow got off from doing any time because the law firm that represented him was headed up by one of his teammate’s fathers. Or because he grew up playing in a league sponsored by a famous rapper. Or that somehow the Utes were able to pull some strings and have the charges thrown out because “they need” him out on the field to be successful.

Mr. Author- YOU just made yourself look like an idiot!!!!!!!

Dominique Hatfield is a hard working, humble young man who is trying to make something of himself playing the game he loves. Hatfield is loved and adored by his teammates AND coaches.

A young man who grew up in Los Angeles and attended Crenshaw High, Hatfield excelled at football. Hatfield was a team leader and one of the best players on his high school football team. Highly recruited by Coach Shaw, who is also from the Los Angeles area, Hatfield came to Utah as someone who could either play offense or defense for the Utes.

Now excuse me for a minute but I strongly believe that Coach Shaw is a good judge of character and I strongly believe that Coach Shaw wants to see the young men he coaches succeed at life not just at the game of football.

Hatfield played sparingly at wide receiver his first season for the Utes but was able to make the jump to defense as a cornerback last season and help the Utes have one of their best outings since joining the Pac 12.

This season Hatfield was poised to be one of the leaders on defense for the Utes and he had a great spring but during the summer he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yes, over the summer Hatfield was ACCUSED of trying to sell someone a video game system and then robbing them at knife point for a small amount of money.

But lets take a look at the FACTS!

The Salt Lake County DA found no evidence that Hatfield was involved in any way, shape or form. The story did NOT add up and therefore the charges were dismissed.

So I think it’s safe to say that Hatfield was WRONGFULLY ACCUSED of a crime he DID NOT commit.

Yes, the lawyers that represented Hatfield, one of them happens to be the father of one of his teammates. Does this really matter? No- if Hatfield did the crime he still would’ve been charged regardless of who the lawyers were.

Yes, Hatfield did grow up in Los Angeles and Yes, Hatfield did play football in a league sponsored by a famous rapper but what does that have to do with anything?

What is wrong with a famous rapper giving inner city kids an outlet and an opportunity to play sports?

What is wrong with a famous rapper who loves football giving inner city kids the chance to better themselves and learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and hopefully earn scholarships to college in the future?

I bet DeAnthony Thomas, who now plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, is grateful for the opportunity that he was given.

Yes, the Utes secondary had a few miscues against a tough Michigan team. I would say that is more than likely to happen the first game of the season.

Razor thin victory? Outside of it being 3-3, the Utes led the whole game.

Football royalty? Not even sure what that means.

Hatfield acts like a Crenshaw gangster on twitter because of the way he talks? Is this dude serious? What kind of statement is the author trying to make?

Just because someone talks or uses different language than you or I, doesn’t give you the right to lump them in with a certain group of individuals. With only 140 characters on twitter, I am not sure you can really judge someone by how or what they type.

For those that have ever interacted with Hatfield know that he is a hard working, humble young man who is trying to make something of himself playing the game he loves.Is he a little bit cocky errrrr confident? Yes but there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s confident in himself and his abilities, that’s a great thing!

The author must have been at the reported “party” as well since he knows so much about what went on.

NONE of us know anything about what went on at the supposed “party”. So for the author to act like he knows what really went on based off of the supposed “victim” report is far from good journalism.

To compare Hatfield to Lawrence Phillips, is this “journalist” for real? What a disgusting comparison!!!

Finally, Kyle Whittingham is not only a great coach but a great human being. Coach Whittingham cares for each and every one of his players and wants to see them all be successful not only on the football field but in life as well. Coach Whittingham is a strict disciplinarian. He doesn’t play games, he doesn’t beat around the bush. Coach Whittingham is NOT going to reinstate someone that he feels will be harmful to the team just to win a few football games.

Hatfield did his time, his image although repairable has somewhat been ruined by shitty journalists like the one who wrote the horrible article I am responding to and the media who made him out to be a bad guy.

Hatfield is not perfect, NONE of us are but he has made amends and has worked his way back to being reinstated by not only the football team but the University as well.

So to that I say,

Welcome back Dominique Hatfield!!!!!

Don’t listen to the critics or the haters, put your head down and go to work!!!

Use what you’ve learned over the past few months and turn this negative into a positive!!!

Your family, friends, teammates, coaches and fans BELIEVE in YOU!!!




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