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Utah Utes Football

As I sat on my couch last night mindlessly enjoying “The Drive” on the Pac12 Network and my two boys tirelessly destroying everything around me, I couldn’t help but notice that UCLA’s offensive line seemed a little bit skinny for a Power 5 college football team. This prompted me to tweet out how they compared to the rest of the Pac – a question for which I received no answers from the folks out there in twitter land. Hence, I took it upon myself to find out…

What I found is that I was indeed correct; UCLA averages the lightest starting offensive line in the Pac 12 weighing in at 289.4 lbs. The heaviest starting lines were Washington, USC, and our very own Utah, weighing in at 314.2 lbs, 313 lbs, and 311.2 lbs respectively (USC and Washington’s average is skewed slightly by their respective Goliaths: Washington’s James Atoe at 381 lbs and USC’s Damien Mama at 370 lbs).

Analysis by Jason Hodges
Analysis by Jason Hodges

That being said, Utah did measure up as one of the shorter lines in the conference with an average height of 75.8 inches. It would be worthy to note, though, that there wasn’t much variance in height with the shortest eight players all measuring at 74 inches (6 feet 2 inches) and only three players measuring more than 79 inches:

  • Arizona – Mickey Baucus – 80”
  • Arizona – Fabbians Ebbele – 80”
  • USC – Zach Banner – 81”
Analysis by Jason Hodges
Analysis by Jason Hodges

Colorado, ASU, Oregon, and Cal seem to be in the bottom half in both statistics effectively earning them the title of “Runts of the Pac.” Washington State and USC can both undisputedly take the crown as the “Biggest O-Line in the Pac.”

So next time you sit on your couch watching football, keep an eye on the battle in the trenches to see if the slim lines that are meant to keep pace in fast tempo offenses are actually as effective as the big nasties at the top of the conference.



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