Utah Utes Football: National Letter of Intent Day – Crimson Club Perspective

The Utah Utes football facility has enticed recruits as they sign real speed and steal key recruits from the SEC.

I had the generous privilege of attending the Crimson Club National Letter of Intent Party yesterday evening, hosted at the new Spence and Cleone Eccles Football Center. My immediate impression of the facility was that of dumb founded awe. I don’t know how recruits could take a visit there and not immediately commit. The center is even more immaculate than the pictures and videos can portray. I was informed while there that it is a public building – so if you have a chance to sneak by there, I recommend going in and looking around for yourself. You can eat there at the cafeteria during serving times (they have specific times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for $12 and I was told that the players are usually there during the lunch hours. The coaches and staff were very friendly and informative for the members of the Crimson Club and each member received a mini football, a DVD, and a press release. If you are interested in Crimson Club membership or have any questions, Claudia Heaps is very pleasant and helpful.

Fiesta Bowl and Sugar Bowl Trophies:

Fiesta Bowl Trophy  Sugar Bowl Trophy

The main theme of the class, as most of you know, was “speed.” My initial skepticism was that perhaps the speed everyone is talking about is good relative to high school or JC players, but how does that match up to the rest of the Pac12 talent? I got that answer from coach Scalley in this video when he alleged that Tevin Carter went up against DeAnthony Thomas in high school track and beat him. That comment is supported by this LA Times article. Carter ran a 10.61 100 meter (according to his official bio) and Coach Whittingham suggested in his press conference that most of this class is between 10.4 and 10.6. So is their speed comparable to the Pac12? Yes… yes, indeed.

The main takeaway from the event was just how impressed I am with Coach Whittingham and Coach Sitake. They are men of great charisma and character that, along with a beautiful athletic facility, I think any player would want to do work for. I hope for everyone’s sake that this class helps get Utah over the hump and onto a bowl game so we can keep seeing them for years to come.

Main Entrance of the Football Center and the Hall of Fame:

Utah Football Center Utah Hall of Fame Hall of Fame  Utes Football Center

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