Utah Utes Football: Bye Week in Rearview


Last week’s bye could not have come at a better time for everyone involved with the Utah Utes football team, including the Ute faithful. With Travis Wilson’s injured throwing hand, the team’s weakened confidence, and the fans’ weary minds, a small break was incredibly refreshing. While we’re on the subject, let’s quickly recap the Utes’ disappointing letdown after a monumental Stanford win.

At some point during the first few drives in Tucson, Travis Wilson injured his index finger of his throwing hand; as if the cut on his thumb and large bruise on the same hand weren’t enough. You know the story, after an exciting Utah comeback the Wildcats would pull away to victory. That left fans completely confused as to which Utah team would show up the following week in L.A.

With an injured starting quarterback, a subpar backup quarterback, and a young gun-slinger not ready for action, the Utah coaching staff tried to keep things positive heading into USC. The Wilson that lead the Utes past a very talented and tough Cardinal team, was clearly missing in action in L.A. due to his injured throwing hand (we hope). Adam Shulz couldn’t pick up the necessary slack, resulting in another horrible outing on the road. Thankfully, that is all in the past.

A bye week has worked miracles in my personal fandom for the Utes, providing time to regroup and reset expectations for the remainder of the season. If you haven’t done so, take some time and do so now. Hopefully, the coaching staff and team has done the same. Going forward this Utah team needs three things to succeed: health, fire, and a little bit of luck.

For the Utes to reach a bowl game (two more wins), Travis Wilson needs to be physically and mentally healthy. Here’s to hoping that two weeks off was enough time for his finger and throwing hand to heal up. However, Wilson’s swagger, mojo, confidence might need more time to get back on track. Look for Dennis to draw up a game plan to help Travis get into an early rhythm this week against the Sun Devils at home. Fire and desire are absolutely necessary from here on out for the bang bang Ute gang. This team is not good enough to win by playing at any level other than fired up off the wall.

Finally, to “save face” this season, Utah needs some luck. Whether it is less tipped interceptions, actually recovering one of the many forced fumbles, or simply getting the replay booth to call something their way, the Utes need some luck to ride them through the end of the year. Whatever the outcome of this weekend, I am thankful for bye weeks. Now that your voices are warm, your legs are rested, and your expectations are realistic, go make the RES rock like crazy this weekend. Go Utes!

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