Utah Utes: To Bowl or Not to Bowl

Eight days. Eight days until kick off. When no one will be yelling at the supposed ugly mountain uniforms. Instead everyone will be singing how they are a Utah “fan” sir! This year may even include a bowl game or will it?

When I look at a schedule I see the games in three ways: wins, coin flips, losses. With that, let me say how I see things as they stand now. Then we can get to the end season record, whether Whittingham has a job in Utah, and how basketball will take the main stage in Utah.


  • Idaho State
  • Fresno State
  • Washington State
  • Colorado

Coin Flips

  • Michigan
  • Oregon State
  • Arizona


  • UCLA
  • USC
  • ASU
  • Oregon
  • Stanford

Based on the above, when I am in my most positive mood, the Utes could go 7-5. If my kids kept me up all night and I am grouchy, the Utes could go 4-8. Based on the Utes current winning percentage in the PAC-12 they will win 30% of their games against conference foes. That leads to roughly three wins. With two wins already included in my prediction, the Utes will lose to either Oregon State or Arizona. That leaves the Michigan game.

The Utes trip to the Big House, based on my predictions, becomes the biggest game of the season. It will decide their bowl worthiness. (I actually think a team should have to be over .500 to go to a bowl game). So, the season will ride on one game. A bowl birth and KWhitt will keep his job and keep the program worth something. Lose, and he loses the job while the team takes at least a two-year spiral dealing with a new coaching staff.

Ultimately, the Utes are going to end up 6-6. Whittingham stays, fans travel to a bowl, and everyone is happy because things are finally looking right.

What are your predictions for this year?

About the author

Grant Bagby

Since moving to Utah in 2005, I have changed from following all sports in D.C/Virginia to following all sports in Utah. I am a Chicago Bulls fan first (Born and raised by my father), but I am also a hardcore Jazz fan with 7 years of being a season ticket holder under my belt. I started TornBySports to write about the BYU/Utah Rivalry after Max Hall ran his mouth.