Utah States Takes Down Southern Utah

Early and Often for USU

Utah State started the evening off with a huge 3-point basketball from TeNale Roland, and the buckets just kept coming. Jarred Shaw was a big factor Tuesday night scoring 24 points with 10 points coming off free throws. The Aggies did great work on the boards as well, out rebounding Southern Utah 44 to 22. Utah State is looking really good going into the next match-up against UC Santa Barbara on Saturday.

Jarred Shaw

Jarred Shaw was much improved from his game against USC. Shaw showed that he has the ability to go to the rim and get physical in the paint by backing down defenseman. One thing that was lacking for Shaw this evening was that he was able to attack more times than, but the shot would not fall. Sending him to the line shooting two rather than one to make a three-point play. Shaw will have quite the challenge Saturday night when he plays against Alan Williams of Santa Barbara. Williams put up 21 points and 9 rebounds against UNLV.

Star of the Night

While Shaw did put up 24 points for the Aggies this evening, I feel the player of the game was TeNale Roland. TeNale did the little things right throughout the night. He was able to drive to the rim on more than one occasion and distribute the ball effectively, especially in the post. TeNale showed flashes of speed that allowed him to create scoring opportunities. Compared to Friday night when he would dribble the ball up the court and look to distribute it right away. I look forward to seeing how TeNale’s choices affect the offense down the line. Will he look to create even more scoring chances or go back to giving the ball up right away

Off the Bench

The Aggies got 32 points of the bench. Eight from Jalen Moore. Moore had a good night for the Utah State showing that he could use his length to his advantage down low as well as hit a nice mid range jump shot. If Preston Medlin does not start to show consistency look for someone like Moore to break the starting five. Jordan Stone played the role of relief duty for Shaw and looked good on occasions. Sometimes though Stone played outside of himself and lost control going to the basket. Marcel Davis did a great job leading the team with 6 assists on the night. Davis showed solid vision from the point. Showing patience on some series and allowing players like Shaw to get in position and create scoring opportunities. He did miss an open look and a drive to the basketball, but I feel those things will come as the season progresses. Utah State’s bench needs to keep playing the way they are. Especially with what happened last year these players more than most know that they might have to step in and take a starting role at a moments notice

Flash of the Future

JoJo McGlaston, a freshman from Dublin, California, is a shining example of what to expect from Utah State basketball down the road. McGlaston came off the bench for the Aggies late in the first half and in a matter of second was given the ball. JoJo flashed a powerful crossover that lead to him creating space and hit a beautiful step back jumper, only to be followed by a turn and shoot 3 point basket on the following possession for the Aggies. McGlaston showed great potential for Utah State and I hope to see more of him going forward.

Final Thoughts

Utah State did a great job at handling a lesser opponent in Southern Utah. The Aggies showed they could be physical in the paint and back down the defense. Also, the Aggies easily doubled their drives to the basket, and I hope to see even more of that moving forward. On the fast break opportunities, Utah State showed flashes, as well. Most of the time whoever got the ball after crossing the half court line finished the play, but there were always at least two others running down for support. Also as you will see in the highlight video its great to see the passion out of these players and know that they have fun playing together.

Aggie Nation Question

Finally I want to finish off by asking you, the wonderful people of Aggie Nation, what do you expect the outcome of the UC Santa Barbara game to be and why?