Utah State Spring Game

Saturday afternoon Utah State hosted their annual spring blue and white football game at Romney Stadium. The game matched up the offense for the Aggies straight up against the defense to see who’s on top going into the summer break. The scoring for the day wasn’t the same as a typical football as well, with things like the defense acquiring two points for something like a sack or tackle for a loss. The offense would be awarded two points for a pass over 20 yards.

The day definitely went to the defense that at the very least won the game in overall points 59-39. The offense didn’t help themselves though giving up 5 sacks and turning the ball over three times. Twice the offense turned the ball over through the air on interceptions and a fumble that almost led to a touchdown. Quarterback Chuckie Keeton did not have a great day only completing just short of half his passes. Not all of these incompletions can be blamed on him, Chuckie did not get the help from his receivers he needed. The best example of this was a toss up to Travis Van Leeuwen who saw the ball hit square in his hands and then fall out. Also, the Aggies couldn’t get their running game really going either. While Joey DeMartino had a few big runs that did end up putting him over 100 yards on the ground, The running game never really seemed to take shape in consistant big gains. One bright spot for the offense was Brandon Swindall who ended the game with 4 catches for 43 yards. Brandon ran crisp routes and was able to create separation from defenders. On the other end of that was Chuckie Keeton never really seemed to get comfortable in the pocket with the majority of his throws being of his back foot or not following through on a pass. This lead to a lot of overthrows or ball the defense was able to recover on and break-up.

The defense saw the emergence of freshmen Nick Vigil who accounted for 2 sacks, 2 tackles for a loss and a recovered fumble that ended up being a yard or two short of a touchdown. Also, the secondary performed very well accounting for 7 pass breakups and just playing tough physical ball.

Jay Wolin