Utah State Football Schedule

The Utah State Football program released the schedule for the upcoming year this week, which will see the Aggies on the road four out of the first five weeks. Their first two games will be played at University of Utah and Air Force. Followed by their first home game against Weber State, then at USC and San Jose State. This is not going to be an easy five weeks for the Aggies that could see their record fall to 1-4. Going down to Salt Lake to open the season is going to be an extremely tough first game with the Aggies having knocked off the Utes last season. The following week against Air Force will really test the speed of the Aggies defense with the spread style offense of the Falcon.

Their first game home may be there easiest of the first five weeks, but that doesn’t mean they can sleep on Weber State looking forward to the USC matchup. The Aggies are obviously underdogs in the Coliseum, but keep in mind the Aggies played some of their most exceptional football in Oklahoma three years ago and Auburn two seasons ago. Maybe this will be the year the Aggies break through and steal a big upset. Then, finally San Jose State will be looking for blood after losing to Utah State last season and not being able to hold a piece of the WAC title.

USU’s next five games are not that much easier with BYU coming to town followed by Boise State who the Aggies never beat while both teams played in the WAC. The Aggies then travel down to Albuquerque to play New Mexico who they fair well against for the most part, but these games’ end up being pretty close in the end. The following week Hawaii at home should be a great game with Norm Chow coming to town as the Warriors head coach for the first time. Week 10 sees the Aggies head to Las Vegas against UNLV in an intriguing late season matchup. Finally, the Aggies finish the season with a two game home stand against Colorado State and Wyoming.

I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but I predicted a hard year for the Aggies expecting them to go 5-7.

   Jay Wolin

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  • I have a slight correction about “Oklahoma two years ago and Auburn last season.” USU played Oklahoma three seasons ago, Auburn was two, last season was Wisconsin… don’tcha know.

  • Mark Sheets

    “…followed by Boise State who the Aggies have not beaten ever.” “Ever” here being defined as “since back-to-back wins in 1996 and 1997”, of course.

  • Jay

    Your both right those are bad mistakes on my part and have been corrected.