Utah State Can’t Hold On

USU Junior Quarterback Chuckie Keeton
(First Quarter)
Utah came out the gate with a vengeance taking the ball down the field on a long pass that set them up in the redzone creating the first touchdown of the year. Utah State came out on the first drive and moved the ball very well. Through the use of miss direction plays, they created a field goal. Then Utah State did not do themselves any favors allowing 30 free yards on defense by playing without a helmet and a late hit. This allowed Utah to score for the second time with Wilson tossing up a touchdown to the tight end.
(Second Quarter)
The second quarter started of great for Utah State as Keeton threw for his first touchdown of the year. Utah State’s defense came out in the second and put good pressure on Wilson that made Utah punt. After that the second quarter had a lot of back and forth between Utah and Utah State. The only real notable thing would be Chuckie fumbling the ball. Late in the second, Utah State was able to drive down the field through a very impressive aerial threat as well as some great moves by Chuckie. The score would put Utah State up 17 to 14 at the end of the second quarter.
(Third quarter-)
Utah State was able to take the ball down the field on their opening drive from Chuckie Keeton on a 15 yard scramble. Nick Diaz missed the extra point only giving Utah state a 9 point lead rather than 10. Things really became interesting after Utah put up 3 points on the board with a 45 yard field goal. Then they called an onside kick which was recovered by the Utes. Utah was then able to move the ball down the field and score a touchdown going up by one over Utah State 24-23 with 54 seconds left in the third.
(Fourth quarter)
At the start of the fourth quarter, Utah State drove the ball down the field with some great moves by Keeton and some great plays through the air. Utah’s defense was able to make a great stand in the redzone only allowing Utah State to score 3. Utah drove down the field getting into the red zone, but Utah State came up big on defense holding the Utes in the redzone to only 3. moving the Utes in the lead 27-26. Utah then came out and created a fantastic stop against Utah State allowing them to get the ball back, and take the clock down to 24 seconds. This allowed Utah to take a 4 point lead at 30 to 26 and take the clock down to 19 seconds. Utah State was not able to do anything with the time left.
Post game thoughts
Utah State may not have been able to pull out a win, but that does not mean they do not have anything to be proud of. First off, Chuckie Keeton played a very good game. He created a number of plays on the ground as well as using his mobility to stretch plays and get the ball vertically down the felid. Travis Van Leeuwen had 5 catches for 107 yard, and Bruce Natson had 9 catches for 83 yards. Both players were real threats for the Aggies. Also, the Aggies moved the ball as a whole for 481 yards.

Utah State’s defense did not play up to their potential allowing 447 yards of total offense. The Aggies gave up way too many big plays in the secondary, and just a few too many big runs. Also, they gave up way toO many yards in penalties allowing Utah to move down the field freely rather than having to earn yards. Jake Doughty lead the team in tackles with 16 followed by Maurice Alexander with 11 and Zach Vigil with 10.

Again and again special teams seem to kill the Aggies. Nick Diaz missed an extra point, and the Aggies were not prepared for the possibility of an onsides kick that lead to another 7 points for the Utes. The Aggies have to get there act together on special teams if they want to win football games.

Utah 30 Utah State 26