Four Trades the Utah Jazz Should Consider At the Trade Deadline

Russ Isabella – USA Today Sports Images
Russ Isabella – USA Today Sports Images

The Jazz need to make a move this trade deadline if they want a top lottery pick in the draft.  They are in a unique positions going in to the trade deadline this year.  Loaded with expiring contracts, young assets, and draft picks the Jazz could make a splash.  However, with the roster composition and the franchise goals, it is more likely that if the Jazz make a move it’s a small one.  The Jazz are in great position to be the 3rd team for two parties to facilitate a trade.  Here are some moves that I think the Jazz should consider.

Utah Receives:  Ben Gordon, DET 1st Round 2014 Draft Pick

Charlotte Receives:  Marvin Williams, Brandon Rush


Why CHA does it: Charlotte has been pursuing Evan Turner from the 76ers, with little luck so far.  Philadelphia currently is asking quite a bit for Turner, and being a restricted free agent Charlotte is worried about the pay upgrade he would require.  I do not see the deal getting done between these two parties.  Charlotte however is adamant to make the playoffs and will trade to do so.

Utah can swoop in as the backup plan when the Turner deal fails.  Utah will take on Ben Gordon’s expiring contract in this deal in return for the Detroit draft pick that Charlotte is owed.  Marvin Williams and Brandon Rush will go to the Bobcats to shore up their weakness at the wing.  Marvin will be an upgrade from their current starter, Josh McRoberts at power forward.  Brandon Rush becomes the second string SG in place of Gordon, and is an upgrade at that.  The Bobcats can most likely sign both of these players at equal or maybe even smaller contracts this offseason.  This is a deal that provides stability to their roster for little cost.  Charlotte also is owed Portland’s 2014 draft pick so if Charlotte gets caught up on the Detroit pick, we can exchange is for the Portland pick.

Why UTA does it: The Jazz do this deal primarily for draft position in the 2014 draft.  The trade makes the Jazz less talented, increasing our lottery position.  It also adds another pick that could possibly be a lottery pick with all of the current issues that Detroit has.

Utah Receives: Jared Sullinger, Keith Bogans, Less Favorable of Brooklyn and Atlanta’s 2014 1st Round Pick

Boston Received: Gordon Hayward, Jeremy Evans


Why UTA does it: This is a trade many Jazz fans may hate.  However, it gives the Jazz many options going forward.  By trading away Hayward, we better positions our self for this loaded 2014 draft.  The Jazz no longer have to worry about someone throwing Hayward a max deal.  Adding Sullinger is a key to this deal.  He has proven to be a very capable big man in this league averaging 13.2 points and 8.2 rebounds this year.  He has extending his range each year making him a great big to pair with Favors.  The big opportunity with Sullinger is that he is Trey Burke’s best friend.  Allowing these two to team up could help guarantee we keep them in a Jazz uniform.  The Jazz would also get the rights to the lessor of Brooklyn or Atlanta’s draft pick, which would currently be the 18th pick of the draft.

Why BOS does it: Boston is enamored with Hayward and the rumors state they are looking to trade for him.  This deal gets them Hayward, the young player they love.  They do not have to give up Rondo or Jeff Green in this deal, and they will still be bad enough to get a high lottery pick this draft.  Olynyk has proven he needs more minutes averaging 8.0 points and 6.7 rebounds in 20 minutes during February.  If you can develop Olynyk and draft someone like Randle or Embiid, Boston will have a very young powerful core moving forward.  They also get to take a gamble on Jeremy Evans becoming anything more than he is currently.  Boston is able to shed Bogans contract, which helps them pay Hayward this summer.

If Boston really wants Hayward, this is a deal that benefits both teams.  However, it would be purely depend on how much they want Hayward.

Utah receives: Chase Budinger, Minnesota 2016 1st Round pick

Minnesota Receives: Tony Allen, Tayshaun Prince

Memphis Receives: JJ Barea, Marvin Williams


Why UTA does it: This is a deal Utah can jump in to help facilitate.  Minnesota wants Tony Allen and Tayshaun prince.  Memphis how ever has been reluctant to part with Allen and his defense for a backup point guard and a wing who has been injured for the last year when they want to compete now.  Utah picks up a draft pick, which is the main reason they do this deal.  They get to take a gamble on a wing who was promising early on in his career before injuries took over.  The difference between Utah and Memphis though, is that Utah can wait for him to get healthy.  Along with letting Marvin go, the Jazz will solidify their draft position.

Why MIN Does it:  Minnesota has been the one driving this deal.  According to the rumors, they want Prince and Allen in the worse way.  They have to mix something up now or they are in jeopardy of losing Love.  I am however somewhat reluctant to believe these rumors, as I don’t see Prince and Allen changing anything for them.  If they do want those two, this a way they could do it.

Why MEM does it:  While Memphis has been reluctant to part with Allen and Prince for Budinger, Marvin Williams may be a different story.  Marvin is what Memphis needs in a 3 and D kind of player.  He can come in and play now to help them make their push to the play offs.  They are also saving future money by doing this deal, helping them reposition as they phase of Zach Randolph.  JJ Barea is a ‘change of pace’ player that they need coming off the bench.  Memphis essentially does this deal to make a final push towards the playoffs, with an eye towards the future.

 Utah Receives: Kendrick Perkins, Dallas 2014 1st Round Pick

OKC Receives: Marvin Williams


Why UTA does it: Utah would be, again, positioning themselves for the 2014 draft.  We increase our chances at winning the lottery, and get a 1-20 protected pick from Dallas.   Utah would have to take on an extra year of Perkins contract, but a buyout could possibly be discussed.  If not, it wouldn’t affect Utah much, as they wouldn’t be looking to add free agents to the team until 2015 anyways.

Why OKC does it: Perkins has been one of the least productive players in the NBA.  The Thunder showed they are better when they start Ibaka at center, by beating Miami while doing so.  Marvin could then come in and either start at PF, or come off the bench and provide the shooting and defense that OKC has been rumored to want.  They also clear some cap space to spend this summer by taking Marvin’s expiring contract.  This would allow them to add players to make a title push.


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    interesting trade season, do the Jazz make trades to tank or help? I am interested in what DL does.

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    The OKC one looks the most realistic.