Utah Jazz: The Team-Option Players

Utah Jazz Forward Trevor Booker
Trevor Booker slam-dunks against rh Sacramento Kings on April 5, 2015. (Credit: NBA.com)

One of the decisions the Utah Jazz will have to make this summer is if they want to keep any of their guys that have team options. None of them should feel comfortable on draft night, but suppose the Jazz are quiet and keep their picks. Who among the team-option guys might stay?

TREVOR BOOKER – He’s due for $4,775,000 should the Jazz decide to keep him. He was good for 7.2 points and 5.0 rebounds in 19.8 minutes of play (his per-36 would be 13.1 and 9.1, respectively). He was a crucial cog in the rotation, and for his personal stats, he had a career-best year for assists and three-point shooting. He’s a glue guy in the locker room. They know what he can do. Would it be worth it to them to save a million or two on a free agent that might put up similar numbers? You never know with new guys if they’ll mesh or not. Look at the year-long pout of Brandon Rush. Booke’s contract makes him the most tempting trade piece, but if he survives any trades, I can see them keeping him.

JACK COOLEY – He’s there for trade bait. If nothing happens, they won’t renew. If they don’t bring over Tibor Pleiss, they’ll still surely draft a big man with one of their three picks. I don’t see any scenario where he’s on the Jazz roster in October.

BRYCE COTTON – Cotton’s in an interesting spot. Suppose Raul Neto stays overseas another year. And suppose the Jazz wind up trading away Trey Burke. Suddenly Cotton’s a valuable piece. The Jazz have always enjoyed having three point guards on the roster. It’s under this scenario that I could see Cotton staying.

JOE INGLES – The Jazz don’t have a team option so much as a qualifying offer. They could put that out there for him, and see if any team tries to grab him for more. Joe’s a different type of player. He’s unselfish to a fault on offense, and his slow release means he’s best when he’s wide open. That wasn’t a problem later in the season, when teams would play off of him because of how bad his offense was the first half of the season. If the Jazz wind up drafting Kelly Oubre or Sam Dekker, that could signal they don’t have much room for Joe. But between Joe and Trevor, at least on of those guys has to be on the team next year.

GRANT JERRETT – He felt like a thrown-in for the Enes Kanter trade, and maybe he was, but all indications are that the front office wants to get a closer look at him.┬áHe only played 26 minutes this year, so I have a hard time believing they’re curious enough to actually keep him.

CHRIS JOHNSON – I view him as highly unlikely to stay. The only reason he had playing time on this team was because Alec Burks was out. He showed he was able to knock down a shot or two, but if a trade guts the wing positions on this team, and Johnson’s still here, maybe he manages to stay, but I doubt it.

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