Utah Jazz: Quin Snyder being out coached?

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Is Quin Snyder being out coached by Mike Brown? In 2017?  No! He’s not, and if that is what you think then you’ve not been paying attention.  Quin Snyder has done a wonderful job with our Utah Jazz.  He has helped bring them from a 25 win team to the second round of the playoffs.  There is not a chance Mike Brown is out coaching him.  Can we just accept the fact that this Golden State team is historically great?

No Coach, No Problem

Steve Kerr is dealing with some weird stuff, and that is why Mike Brown is filling in as head coach of the Warriors.  We all hope Steve Kerr the best, and I won’t go into detail about what his complications from surgery are mainly because I don’t know.  The Jazz have faced a team without their head coach in a playoff series before.  In fact it was the last time the Jazz won a playoff series.  They Fesenko’d the Nuggets without George Karl. Fesenko? Fesenko?


The difference, is that Nuggets team wasn’t that great to begin with.  They were led by Carmelo “I lose in the playoffs” Anthony and he was starting to check out at that time.  He even includes in that post game “I can’t do it by myself”.  The Jazz were coached by the great Jerry Sloan and beat the lowly nuggets.

Fast forward to this Golden State team. Lebron James had to go LEGEND on this team to stop them in the finals and still barely won.  The Warriors responded by adding Kevin “You Da Real MVP” Durant.  They were great without him and with him they are historical.  A box of tissues could coach this team and they would still win.  They are a well oiled machine.  Four all stars, with two of them being MVPs.  The talent and experience is insane on this team.  They could effectively run without a coach.

For more perspective think about this: Gordon Hayward leads the Jazz at 21.9 points per game, the Warriors have three players averaging over 22 points per game.  I’m not going to break down their stats anymore, because all Jazz fans are sick of hearing how great they are.


Why Doubt Quin

If you are doubting Quin Snyder’s ability to coach this team I have one piece of advise for you: STOP IT.  What more does he have to prove to you?  His coaching of this Jazz team has been better than a best hair competition between him and Hayward.  The Jazz won 51 games this year.  That’s nothing to scoff at, it’s impressive.  He did a masterful job coaching this young team in it’s first playoff series.  It was his first as a coach too.

He may look like a super villain from a Bond movie at times, but Quin knows his stuff and I feel he isn’t out coached a lot.  When he is it is by the likes of Popovich, not interim coach Mike Brown. Quin Snyder will be the main reason the Jazz will win at least one game in the series.


Don’t let this series against the historic Warriors sour your taste for this Jazz team.  They went from missing the Playoffs last year, to making it to the second round.  They are still building for the future.  The days of the lottery are behind them.  The culture has changed back.  I expect the Jazz to make the playoffs for the next few years.  I mean this Warriors team can’t stay together forever… right? Go Jazz!!!!

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  • Agree to a lot of what was said. Snyder has coached a marvelous season. He does have his foibles however. His inability to see inadequacies in players is damaging to the team as a whole. The inequitable treatment of players in how the play due to mistakes. Some times he sticks with a player who just can’t mak shots or defend, but in the long run he has been good for the Jazz.