Utah Jazz: What Have We Learned from Games 21-25

The Utah Jazz are 6-19. You know what they were last year at this point? 6-19. One year ago, the Jazz beat the Nuggets to get up to that record. Gordon Hayward had 30 points and 13 rebounds in that game. Trey Burke had 10 points, 10 assists and only 1 turnover. The other double-double belonged to Jeremy Evans with 10 points and 11 rebounds. Enes Kanter went 0-5 in 11 minutes of play.

We’re about 30% through this season. What have we learned?

W-L Last Five: 1-4
W-L Overall: 6-19
OffRtg: 14th
DefRtg: 29th
NetRtg: 24th

The Jazz are 1-12 in their last 13 games. I suppose it’s encouraging that their last five losses were all by single digits. In fact, 9 of their 19 losses are by single digits. Conversely, 4 of their 6 wins are by single digits. So if it’s within 9 points, Jazz are 4-9. If there’s a double-digit difference, Jazz are 2-10. I don’t know if that means anything.

The Jazz are -27 over the past five games. Here’s how some of the players’ +/- adds up over those five games:

Rudy Gobert +15
Gordon Hayward +14
Dante Exum +6
Trevor Booker -2
Rodney Hood -3
Joe Ingles -7
Derrick Favors -23
Enes Kanter -31
Trey Burke -34
Alec Burks -50

Favors has missed the last two games, so if you pro-rated it over five games, he’d be -38, but that’s not really fair. I do find it interesting how different the numbers are between Burks and Hayward, since they share a lot of time on the court together. I looked at that a little more closely and found that Hayward’s game isn’t affected much by Burks, nor Burks by Hayward, but the team suffers when Hayward’s off the floor. Delving deeper into PPP (points per possession):

Hayward and Burks
Team/Opponent – 1.109 / 1.126
Hayward – 1.10
Burks – 1.03

Hayward w/o Burks
Team/Opponent – 1.081 / 1.124
Hayward – 1.10

Burks w/o Hayward
Team/Opponent – .973 / 1.191
Burks – 1.00

How is the backcourt shooting over the past five games?

Dante Exum – 52.4% / 50% from 3
Gordon Hayward – 41.7% / 14% from 3
Alec Burks – 41% / 44% from 3
Trey Burke – 37.3% / 32% from 3
Rodney Hood – 31.8% / 20% from 3

Dante’s offensive game is encouraging, considering he’s 39.6% and 33.3% for the season. Hayward’s 3-point-shooting slump is alarming, as he’s 33.3% for the season.

How about individual Offensive and Defensive Rating over the past five games?

Alec Burks – 118.6 / 113.8
Derrick Favors – 113.5 / 112.4
Enes Kanter – 109.4 / 111.4
Gordon Hayward – 103 / 110.8
Trey Burke – 87.2 / 113.8

Dante Exum – 111.6 / 115.2
Rudy Gobert – 139.4 / 105.4
Rodney Hood – 79.8 / 114
Trevor Booker – 94.8 / 109.8
Joe Ingles – 87.4 / 111.4

Interesting how those numbers make Rudy Gobert look like the best offensive and defensive player on the team. I should note the Pelican loss killed everyone’s DefRtg. Rodney Hood had the best number at 125. As a team they were 130.3 that game.

Some other Jazz notes:

– D-League shooter Patrick Christopher was active for the Jazz but did not play against the Pelicans. At this point, Toure Murry is there as a throw-in should any trade occur, or if the Jazz suddenly have extremely bad luck with the health of their guards.

Around the NBA:

– Ty Corbin is 0-1 as head coach of the Sacramento Kings. In his defense, they were without Demarcus Cousins, and they played a Thunder team that now has Westbrook and Durant in the lineup.

– Jabari Parker is out for the year with a torn ACL. Four of the top seven picks in the deep 2014 draft are now on the shelf.

The Top Five and Bottom Five in the NBA by NetRtg:

1. Golden State Warriors
2. Dallas Mavericks
3. Toronto Raptors
4. L.A. Clippers
5. San Antonio Spurs
(24. Utah Jazz)
26. L.A. Lakers
27. Charlotte Hornets
28. Detroit Pistons
29. Minnesota TimberWolves
30. Philadelphia 76ers

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John studied journalism at UVU and put that to good use by writing for free for blogs on a part-time basis. Money well spent. He became an avid Jazz fan since moving to Utah in 1989. Also a fan of the NFL and BYU football.