Utah Jazz: Girl’s Night Out

Growing up I was pretty much the only girl I knew that enjoyed sports. I talked about them with the few boys I talked to in class, but never found a girl to talk sports with. The Utah Jazz were always at the top of my list of favorite sports to talk about. Now with Twitter, having girls to talk about sports with is easy. There are tons of us ladies on Twitter. So husbands, is your wife a Jazz fan? Ladies are you a Jazz fan or even in need of a night away with some fun ladies? If so, I have a plan for you.

Monday March 10, the Utah Jazz will be playing the Atlanta Hawks. You(r) ladies are invited to come join a bunch of fun ladies for a Girl’s Night Out.

Here’s how it got started.


Last year was the first year I have ever really gotten involved on Jazz Twitter. Alan (@Jedizaugg) was always writing and talking Jazz stats and numbers. Every game we would go to he would have a Tweetup. (I’m not a crowd person so this ladies night thing is a big step for me). I thought there must be other women who feel the same way I do who are into watching the game without focusing on all the numbers. Near the end of winter I felt like I needed to do something for the women fans to be the girly fan they are, throw away the stats and the numbers and just enjoy the game the way we know how. Last April I decided that I had enough. I wanted to just throw it out there and see what would happen. I bought 13 tickets and filled every seat. We had dinner before hand at Rumbi and completely enjoyed ourselves (except my sister who is not a sports fan at all). This year I was not going to do it. I had climbed back into my hole and couldn’t really find a good game. Then I had a few ladies from last year wanting a ladies night again. I picked a game and once again threw it out there. Once again I bought 13 tickets and 7 are spoken for. I can get the entire row if I need to. So on Monday, March 10th the second annual ladies night is upon us. Another chance for women fans to come out of their comfort zones and mom zones and just be them. I really hope that we get a great turn out this year. Every women needs a Ladies night.

Are you in? Will you come join us? RSVP to @jediwife99 to claim your ticket with us.

About the author


I became a sports fan probably in about 3rd grade after my family moved to St. George, Utah. Honestly before then I’m not even really sure I knew what they were. I do remember watching the Lakers play at my grandparents in California with my cousins, but I don’t remember it catching my attention for too long.

Once settled in St. George, I became a huge Jazz fan. Then I cheered for any college team in the state, yes both the Utes and Cougars. My mom was going to Dixie College at the time and would take my siblings and I to lots of those sporting events. My favorite sports in order are: basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and the rest I don’t follow very much.

My love for the Jazz has never wavered since it started. When my husband and I got married in 2006 we bought season tickets and had them until 2013. I love the Jazz and going to the games.

I developed my love for the University of Utah after my husband started attending the U in fall 2007. My love of the UofU even took my husband and I to the Sugar Bowl in January 2009. So far football and gymnastics are the only sporting events I’ve been to at the U.

I also enjoy going to SL Bees game and Real Salt Lake games.

I occasionally write and content edit for www.tornbysports.com. I’m a stay at home mom to a 4 year old boy and baby 1 year old girl. Before becoming a mom, I was a 3rd grade teacher.