Under Hyped Draft Prospects Utah Jazz Fans Should Know: Point Guards

Photo By: Melissa Adams

This year us Jazz fans have to be excited for the 2014 NBA draft.  We have two picks in the draft, and our own pick is likely to be a high lottery pick.  This draft is so hyped for Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Julius Randle, that other players are often forgotten.  These are short scouting reports on player you should pay attention to as we prepare for the draft.  These reports include comparisons.  Know that these comparisons are more indicative of similar styles of play, than actual talent.  Today’s category is point guards.  Enjoy.


Dante Exum

Age – 18 Height – 6’-6” Position – PG/SG
Class – N/A Weight – 188 School – Australia


You may find it odd that I am calling a top-five player under hyped, but he is.  Many scouts are insistent that if Dante played college in the states, he would be the #1 pick of the 2014 draft.  Those are big words in this year’s draft.

If you allowed a GM to describe a perfect point guard, more often than not you would hear Dante Exum described.  At 6’-6” he has the size that can cause major mismatch problems for opponents.  What is crucial about that size, is he knows how to use it.  Exum is very good at posting up smaller point guards.  As opposing guards rarely have to defend post ups, this can be extremely effective.  He has a very similar body to that of Michael Carter-Williams, who was drafted for his size alone.

Not only does Exum have elite size, he has elite athleticism.  This kid can run, and he knows it.  Exum loves getting out in transition and wreaking havoc on an opposing defense.  He can beat most guards off the dribble, has a killer cross over, and can jump out of the gym.  His athleticism is very similar to pre-injury Derrick Rose.  I see him as a very similar player, but with better size.

He has some similar weaknesses to Derrick Rose, which is primarily his shot.  He has iffy mechanics as far as his jumper goes.  As he is trained by a NBA staff to improve his shot, I firmly believe it will improve because of his awesome motor.  If he can improve his jumper, we could be looking at an MVP caliber player.

Here is a great scouting report on Dante.

My Comparison – Derrick Rose


 Jerian Grant

Age – 21 Height – 6’-5” Position – PG
Class – Senior Weight – 185 School – Notre Dame


Jerami is not the only Grant that is likely to be drafted in the first round of this year’s draft.  Jerami is younger and plays at the better school, which is why he has received more hype than his older brother, Jerian.  This huge athletic point guard has great potential to make it in the NBA.  Like his brother, Jerami is a great athlete.  He uses that athletic ability well to get to the free throw line.

Grant is arguably the best passer in basketball this year.  Averaging 6.2 assists, he has an amazing 3.36 AST/TO ratio.  That is a very high rate for a point guard of his size in college.  He sees the floor very well.  Grant truly finds joy in making a great pass.  He has even been criticized, like Rondo, of trying to inflate his assist numbers by bypassing shots.

Scouts biggest worry about him has always been his shooting.  This year he has made big strides in that area by shooting 40.8% from 3, and 51.8% overall.  If he can keep his shooting streak up, we could see two brothers get selected in the first round of the 2014 NBA draft.  Oh yeah.  He also once scored 12 points in 28 seconds to help his team come back from behind down 8 with 50.7 seconds left, and eventually won them this game over Louisville.

My Comparison – Poor man’s Rajon Rondo