Utah Jazz: Develop and Conquer

Utah Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey and head coach Quin Snyder
Ravell Call, Deseret News

Lackluster, dull, unadventurous, bland, yawner, boring; there are so many adjectives to describe 2015 NBA Free Agency, if you’re a Utah Jazz fan. If you are a fan of any other team, I have one word:

It’s been a lucrative offseason for NBA free agents across the league. In Utah – it’s been business as usual.

Fans are seeking immediate results. The call to sign a big name free agent echoes across the valley, ringing like music through the mountains. Disappointment with the front office in making a draft day deal to get an impact player looms. However, the front office has other plans – development.

Let’s be honest, fans aren’t having any of it. However, before we rush to any rash decisions – jumping off cliffs or in front of oncoming traffic – look at the potential consequences.

Free Agency – $$$

What happens when the Utah Jazz attract and sign a marquee player, move a few young intricate pieces and in four years the money player walks for another market? Send the team back to the drawing board, back to mediocrity or worse, lottery all over again. The situation must be handled delicately. IF the team makes the wrong move, count on certain catastrophe.

Additionally, bringing in said marquee player and/or making a trade, could damage blossoming team chemistry. As reported by Aaron Falk of the Salt Lake Tribune, team officials are hesitant to do so.

Pursuing this course of action could bring the desired “win now” goal, but could ultimately destroy long term plans or even worse, put the franchise in a position to compete against bigger markets.

Stay the Course

What is the next course of action? Nothing. At least that is what it appears will be the course. The front office hasn’t made an aggressive move. They didn’t throw any money at a free agent nor have they moved any players in trade. Whether they will still remains to be seen. Don’t hold your breath. Have they entertained calls from other organizations? It is almost certain.

However, there is a belief (you’ll find this word referenced a lot going forward), that the team, as constituted will succeed in the end goal – winning.

“The good news is we feel like we can field a high-functioning team if we don’t make any changes.”

“I think our greatest room for improvement,” Lindsey said, “is the internal improvement of the players.” – Dennis Lindsey via Jody Genessy of the Deseret News.

Develop and Conquer

In another article written by Jody, Dennis Lindsey spoke of something that speaks volumes to what the Utah Jazz have in mind going forward, Quin Snyder’s belief in his players. There’s that word again – belief.

Snyder hasn’t made any outlandish player demands of Lindsey and Jazz ownership. “The beauty of coach and his staff is the grass isn’t greener (on the other side),” Lindsey said.

The organization has always been known to backed its coach. They instill a belief in the system as well as a belief in the coach’s abilities.

If the man you put your faith in believes he has a group of potential champions that he can develop into a contending team, shouldn’t that merit faith and belief from the front office and fans? Snyder isn’t making demands to upgrade, find proven winners, or move any “dead-weight.” In fact, he’s making sure everyone knows the proven winners are already here. Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Dante Exum, Rudy Gobert, Alec Burks and the rest of the young group are on their way to the top. All they need is a teacher and adviser to show them the way.

A farmer watches patiently and with anticipation, while his crops grow and progress knowing, in the end, the harvest will be great.

A winning culture is once again being cultivated in Salt Lake City. Don’t rush it. The desired result is close at hand.

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  • I think one item that is not mentioned is that it becomes disingenous when you preach development and the second a marginally better player comes around you make a trade. I think trading Favord would have been a disaster. It sends a terrible message.