Utah Jazz Announce New Video Display and Sound System

Yesterday, Miller Sports Properties (MSP) announced a new, upgraded video and sound system to be installed in EnergySolutions Arena this summer. Steve Miller, president of MSP, Ryan Young, vice president of YESCO Electronics, Jim Olson, COO for MSP, and Randy Rigby, president of the Utah Jazz, announced the new video board via a press conference at the arena. The video package includes a rectangular shaped video screen (which will be hung in the center of the arena), four auxiliary video boards (installed in the four corners of the upper bowl), as well as another digital LED light ring, which will encircle the arena fascia between the upper and lower bowls. A LED “space ring” will encircle the top of the center hung video board.

The rectangular main video board (with twin 1080p displays) weighs about 55,000 pounds, measuring 42-feet-long and 24-feet-high, and will run along the length of the court.  The old JumboTron measured 10 feet by 10 feet. The 720p HD end screens facing each baseline measure 26-feet-long and 17-feet-high. Steve Miler said they are not certain where the score of the game will go, but might be a ribbon at the bottom of the screen, such as on TV. Courtside fans can now see the video board, as two screens located on the inside of the primary side screens will show what is happening on the main display. The four auxiliary boards measure 37-feet-long and 12.5-feet-high, and will show stats and video highlights. Digital signs also will be placed on the inside of portals around the arena, and on the floor behind the basket in padded units. An upgraded audio system will also be featured, providing excellent sound to all fans in the arena. The project, which also includes updates to suite kitchens and loading ramps, came to a total bill of around $15 million.

Miller Sports Properties gave the job to Utah based YESCO Electronics, which built the Wynn Resort video board. They have also built numerous screens for college arenas. Ryan Young said this was the biggest project they have ever had. Over 100 local workers will get right to the task, which will be completed by October 1st at the latest. We have the greatest respect for the Miller family and everything they do for this community,” said Ryan Young, vice president of YESCO Electronics. “The opportunity to partner with them to provide a state-of-the-art video system for EnergySolutions Arena is a dream come true. This project represents a huge commitment to provide the best fans in the NBA with one of the largest and most advanced video screens in the league.” Miller complemented YESCO as well, saying “It is exciting to partner with a local, family run business that has become one of the world’s largest digital-display manufacturers and has the expertise to deliver a system of the scope and quality we want.”

Randy Rigby said the number one complaint of fans had been low-quality video. Judging by the mockups, they have completely erased that complaint. My only concern is how annoying the two LED rings will be. I sit in the upper bowl for Jazz games, and whenever the LED ring changes to another ad, it flashes and distracts from the game. I can’t imagine what two will be like, even though Rigby insists “We wanted to make sure the dimensions actually complement the game and not overpower it. I think the team has done a remarkable job of doing that very thing.”

Advanced-technology features and specifications of the new video display system include:

  • Center-hung Video Boards: Two, HD primary side screens which are larger than 1080p, 24′ x 41.3′, 1152 x 1984 pixel matrix; two, HD primary end screens, 16.67′ x 26′, 800 x 1248 pixel matrix; two, ventral screens, 9.3′ x 16.67′, 448 x 800 pixel matrix
  • Space Ring: 10mm, LED one-sided ring above scoreboard, 5′ x 327.17′, 144 x 9664 pixel matrix
  • Upper Bowl Auxiliary Boards: Four, 10mm LED corner boards, 12.46′ x 36.83′, 368 x 1088 pixel matrix
  • Light Ring: Two, 20mm LED fascia displays, 2.7′ x 830′, 40 x 11,952 pixel matrix (1), 40 x 12,256 pixel matrix (1)
  • Vomitory Sign System: Twenty, 10mm LED displays, 1.63′ x 10.83′, 48 x 320 pixel matrix
  • Court-level Kickplate LED: Four, 10mm LED displays in padded portable unit on baseline, 1.0′ x 22.75′, 32 x 672 pixel matrix
    Baseline and length of court scoreboard, in comparison to old scoreboard
Video board mockup as seen from the upper bowl
Video board mockup from the lower bowl
Auxiliary scoreboard mockup
Double LED rings mockup

As you can see from the images, Coca-Cola seems to be playing a bigger role in Jazz sponsorship. The Coke signs you see will be fixed, but likely available for companies to sponsor. The mountain logo and trim will not be added to the court, as in the above image.

For comparison, here are pictures of Houston and Indiana’s video boards, the only two teams in the NBA who will have larger video boards than the Jazz.

Houston video board
Indiana video board

This is a great upgrade, and will really enhance your experience at the arena. Now, can the Jazz play games that will look good on it?

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