Utah Football Will Open 5-1

1218663Well hello kids.  Time to talk about the Utah Utes 2014 Football Schedule.

I’ll start my new post by introducing or re-introducing myself, I’m Mac and I blog about the Utes.  Many of you know me from my work at a previous site that I won’t mention because they dismissed me for the crime of not wanting to be spoken to like a child. It turned out to be a blessing however as I’m now here writing for you folks at this fine site.

As I look at what the theme of Ute coverage has been lately, I see folks making Ute predictions, so I thought I’d dive in and make my own.

UTAH IS GOING TO OPEN 5-1 and if they go to 6-1, LOOK OUT.

At this point you’re saying, MAC go home you’re drunk.  To which I respond, YEAH! SO! YOU DON’T KNOW ME.  Also I say that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

Bear with me and let me explain this.

First let’s begin with a huge caveat, we’ve got to get a break on the health front.  We need to start and finish the season with a QB that we want playing.  We can’t lose three of our four top receivers.  If we’re brutalized by injuries yet again, well I don’t want to face that right now…But lets say the Utes have some semblance of health.  This is the first team that Utah has that is feeling Pac-12ey.  This squad has speed all over the field.  Not to mention we actually have a little bit of depth in some places.  It’s not perfect and the Utes aren’t their yet, but they are getting closer.  So if the injuries can just keep to a minimum, it might be enough.

Now, the second part of this 5-1 Fiesta we’ll be celebrating… History.  Specifically 2007.  Utah’s 2007 was derailed by injuries to Matt Asiata and Brian Johnson, oddly enough in Corvallis.  What would have been a great year, ended up as a non-starter because of how we stumbled out of the gate. But that year let us play a lot of guys who got experience and made 2008 possible.  2013 was the new 2007 and 2014 just might be the new 2008

So let’s look at the schedule.

Utah opens with Idaho St.  A win.  Then the Fresno St. Bulldogs come to town.  Fresno fresh off having their QB and other talent drafted just won’t be what they were last year, which was still a team Utah would have beaten.  Then the Utes head to the Big House. I see a ton of people chalking this up to a loss and I don’t get it.  Utah has actually won there before.  Brady Hoke is on the hot seat.  As the players that Rich Rod recruited leave the program, Hoke’s teams seem to be getting worse each year.  Michigan had exactly one more player than Utah drafted last year and that is entirely because Jake Murphy is 26 and missed much of his junior year because of injury.  Michigan isn’t more talented than us, and this is a game Utah can and will win.

Utah moves to 3-0 and Wazzu comes to town.  I flat out think the Utes win because our QB won’t throw two pick sixes and our secondary will be much better.  If we just throw one pick six last year or Jason Whittingham comes down with that pick, Utes win in Pullman last year.  Utah moves to 4-0 (and into the top 25 BTW)

At this point the Utes head to UCLA.  Now I don’t think we’re going to win at the Rose Bowl.  But we’re going to give the Bruins a hell of a fight just like we have the last two years.  Utes move to 4-1.

Our Utes then head to Corvallis.  Gone is Brandin Cooks to the New Orleans Saints.  Improved is our secondary.  Almost certainly improved is our offense which kept pace with Oregon St. all game long last year.  Don’t forget kids, Utah wins that game if that ball on the last play doesn’t go right through Michael Walker’s hands.  This is where Utah grows up on the road and moves to 5-1.

Now the mighty Trojans of USC come to town.  We’ll see what Sark has done with USC.  Now I’m not a Sark fan, I don’t like guys with all the bravado who at the end of the day just never get it done.  If the Utes come home at 5-1 with USC coming to town, that is going to be a very special game with likely a national TV audience.  What a great time for Utah to have it’s official Pac-12 coming out party four years in the making.

I don’t have the huevos to call it, but if Utah does go to 6-1 at this point, ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

However 5-1, I feel really good about that.  Now excuse me while I go and drink a bit more.

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MAC McIntosh

Radical Ute Blogger, Fear Me. Former Carney until the economy crippled that industry. Now I write things and you tell me I’m stupid. It’s the circle of blogging.

  • the moose’s whistle

    I know I’ve trolled you in the past, and you think I’m a jerk. But I’d like to thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it and I’m glad you’re not blogging on Fan-sided anymore, it’s a crap site and I like this site much better.

    I definitely think U of U football will make improvements next season. I really like the addition of Dave Christensen as offensive coordinator, and I love our runningbacks. I also think the WR group could be strong with Dres and Scott.

    The problem I see is that we’re still not stable at the QB position. Wilson should not be playing. I spoke to my neighbor who is a brain surgeon about Travis Wilson playing football. He said he was very surprised that Wilson was still planning on playing. He said he’d never sign off on anyone playing if they had the type of medical condition he thought Wilson had. I’m not so sure Wilson’s doctors will give him the okay for full contact in the fall.

    If Wilson does play, I’m very worried about whether he can play a full season. I was excited that we signed Thompson, for OU. But the more I think about it, he was their third string QB. After studying his highlights more closely, I don’t think he has the height, arm, or accuracy to be a solid PAC 12 QB. And he’s left handed, which complicates the LT/RT positions if he has to come off the bench in the middle of the season.

    The tackle positions worry me even more than the QB position. We’re still planning on starting Poutasi at left tackle. That did NOT work last year. That’s not good that we’re still in the same situation. I know Poutasi could have improved, but he was downright terrible last year and we need him to at least be above average. I don’t see him being able to make the drastic improvement necessary.

    Lastly, even though I think we’ll be better, I worry that all the PAC 12 opponents on our schedule will be better. Nearly all 9 PAC 12 opponents return a quality starting QB.

    In summary, I think we’ll be fortunate to win 6 games total. Just being honest here.