Utah Fans Want White Helmets Added as an Option for 2013

white uniform
All White Uniform Concept by Justin Dahl (thedahlelama.com)

You know how Twitter polls are all scientifically valid?  Well maybe the one about whether Utah fans would rather beat BYU or go to a bowl game wasn’t exactly scientific, but it sure generated a lot of discussion.

I recently did another Twitter campaign that  returned some very interesting results as well.

Now I should warn you of a couple of things:

  1. I love design,
  2. I love new uniforms and,
  3. I’m a jealous person (at times).

With that being said, if you’re like me, you’ve noticed announcement after announcement of 2013 uniform updates and upgrades throughout the college football world.

Now I realize that not every team is changing up their look this year, but to someone like me it sure feels like it at times.

The Utes debuted two black helmet designs (one for the road and one for home games), which were worn three times during the 2012 season.

The first appearance of the black helmet was in that horrific 37-7 loss at ASU, followed by the Blackout win over Cal and then finally at the Ute’s last home game which ended in a close loss to the Arizona Wildcats.

I recently came across some concept work done by design extraordinaire and mega Utah Utes fan, Justin Dahl, in which he proposes an additional upgrade to the Ute’s uniform repertoire.  The Utes already have red and black pants, jerseys and lids, why not complete the look with the addition of a white Drum and Feather decorated helmet?  This change would complete the Ute’s look and create 27 (3 to the power of 3) different uniform combinations giving them the possibility of a unique look at every game.  For me, one combination I’d love to see is the “white out” uniform which would look great on the road at Oregon this year.

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Since Justin’s design was posted online, a lot of Utah fans have been buzzing about it on Twitter where I recently posted a tweet asking fans to simply retweet my message in order to show their support for this change.

As you’ll see, it got quite a big response with over 75 retweets in just a day or two.  What does 75 retweets really mean?  I have no idea except to say that of the nearly 7500 tweets that I’ve produced over the past year, this particular tweet is the most popular one that I’ve every had and certainly garnished a lot of attention.

It’s clear to me that fans want to see it, and as one tweep, @5TJames5, put it:

@utecentral @utahathletics @Utah_Football @dahlelama You need to post this every day so we can all keep retweeting it. I want white helmets!

Now there are more important things than uniform changes when it comes to the Utes this year.  Getting to a bowl game has to be their first priority and we all know that if the Utes had to play in burlap in order to secure a perfect season, I’m sure we’d all wear potato sacks to every game to make it happen.

That aside, I believe that uniform modifications are fun and they spice up interest in the games as well provide additional merchandizing opportunities for the U and their fans.

So if you’d like to see white helmets as an option this year, be sure to retweet the post above or drop a line over to our good friends  in the Utah Athletic Department.


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  • Sports Guy

    Love this idea! Make it happen! I was a big fan of the white and white in the sugar bowl (maybe im just biased because that was such a great game!)

    Anyway, great designs, I hope to see it on the field soon!

  • Kyle “Uncle Ricco” Witt

    Losing in red or white looks all the same to me.