Enes Kanter Trade Scenarios

Ever since the news hit social media that Kanter (or his agent) wants to be traded from the Utah Jazz because Rudy Gobert has been blocking (pun intended) out a good portion of his minutes, development of Gobert could be considered in full swing and Kanter seems to be on the chopping block.

With Gordon, Favors, and Alec all signed up for the future; Kanter is the only one from the “Core Four” that hasn’t been given a contract extension. As a person who values the front office more than the on field play, its time to give Kanter his wish and trade him!

Trade #1


Brooklyn Nets – Enes Kanter, Trevor Booker, Luke Babbitt, Jimmer Fredette
Utah Jazz – Deron Williams, Jeff Withey, KJ McDaniels
New Orleans Pelicans – Steve Novak, Trey Burke
Philadelphia 76ers – Brook Lopez, John Salmons

Reason Why You Do This: Brooklyn needs to get under the luxury tax. They are going to pay for it though. If the Jazz do this, you demand two things. 1) Deron Williams needs to rework the contract. 2) Draft picks.

Deron Williams played his best ball in Utah, and his family still resides here. Maybe a return to familiar grounds energizes Deron. If Deron returns, he gives you quality off the bench (Jarrett Jack looks more like their starter) minutes and a veteran to play behind Exum. And you provide a veteran Exum learn from.

Jeff Withey is just a bench body to make the deal work. He is on a one year contract so really don’t lose anything. The crown jewel is KJ McDaniels, a two guard that plays outstanding defense. He gives the 76ers around 25 minutes a game and averages 4 rebounds, a block, and steal per game. Snyder likes defense, and should love what KJ McDaniels brings.

With the longer contracts of Novak and Trey leaving, you can bring in Raul Neto next year. Neto and Exum learn from a savy veteran and the money is freed for the future. This allows you the ability to extend Rudy Gobert, when he becomes eligible in two years.

Trade #2

Oklahoma City Thunder – Enes Kanter, Steve Novak
Utah Jazz – Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb, 1st Rounder

Reason Why You Do This: First, I promise that I don’t hate Novak. He is just that perfect salary cap partner in most trades. Second, you get Kendrick Perkins to come play off the bench. He is in the last year of his contract, so its like Enes’s contract never leaves, just grows a higher price for a year.

Jeremy Lamb joins the team though. It is rumored that the Jazz want a first rounder and a young player for Kanter. Lamb seems to have fallen out of favor with the Thunder. Steal Lamb away and grab a first, probably a 2017 lottery protected.

In a trade deadline, a team gets desperate. Especially a team like the Thunder. Kevin Durant will be a free agent in a few years. If he doesn’t see a reason to stay, he will walk out the door. They will have a win now mentality, giving you the chance to steal away a few pieces.

Trade #3

Utah Jazz – Terrence Ross, Lucas Nogueira
Toronto Raptors – Enes Kanter

Reason Why You Do This: Many will probably say no. Probably. I’m not most though. I like this deal. It gives you another wing on a rookie contract and another big on a rookie contract. The meaning behind rookie contracts: THEY ARE CHEAP.

First thing I would attempt is to sell the fact that Kanter is a proven scorer in the post. Toronto has made it clear that they need more production from the post when it comes to scoring. This allows Toronto to play Kanter alongside their seven foot center, Jonas Valanciunas. I would add another price though, a draft pick. I would push hard for the New York Knicks first rounder that is owed to them but if not, I would settle for Toronto’s first or a combination of seconds.

Trade #4

Boston Celtics – Enes Kanter
Utah Jazz – Evan Turner, Phil Preseey

Reason Why You Do This: Lets be honest for a moment, I am not a big time Hayward fan. What I see with this trade is Evan Turner coming to Utah. I think a player like him would elevate Hayward into a better player. I honestly like his game and Phil Preseey is just added to make the money work. Also work some draft picks in there. Boston has something crazy like 11 first round picks in the next 5 years. I have no clue because I quit counting. Ask them to give up one. That gives them the right to negotiate with Kanter and then match any offers in free agency.

Trade #5 (The Crazy One)

Utah Jazz – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, KJ McDaniels, Terrence Jones
Charlotte Hornets – Jason Terry, Kostas Papanikolaou
Philadelphia 76ers – Nick Johnson
Houston Rockets – Lance Stephenson, Enes Kanter

Reason Why You Do This: This is the trade that puts it all together. You get a player with a game that I really like, and teachable flaws, in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. You get the defensive wing player in KJ McDaniels, and you get another rookie contract. Utah also should demand, and rightfully get, some draft picks from this.

Charlotte gets rid of Lance Stephenson, after a failed experiment, and replaces him with a veteran in Jason Terry, on a one year contract. So if it doesn’t work, you get out from under Stephenson’s contract. And you get another big on a cheap contract.

Philadelphia is there to make salary numbers work. Obviously there is some draft picks coming their way.

Houston gets Lance Stephenson. We all saw what he is capable of in the NBA Playoffs last year. The key prize here is Kanter. With Howard starting to have injury problems, Kanter gives them a bench player that can step in and play in his spot. This allows Howard time to get healthy for the playoffs, and turns them into a dangerous team in the playoffs.

In Conclusion…
The point here is obvious. If Kanter is to be moved, you get draft picks and rookie contracts. Kanter’s rookie contract makes it easy to move him. You get some young pieces in return. Depending on the route you wish to go, you could get a veteran for the youth to learn from or even some established guys on their rookie or second contracts. This gives you options for the future as you continue the rebuild process.