TornBySports College Football Rankings

Rankings by: Jeff Ross

Calculated Top 25 
5Michigan State
7Notre Dame
10Oklahoma State
11Ohio State
13North Carolina
17Southern California
18Florida State
24Mississippi State
OthersTexas A&M, Baylor, Temple, Arkansas
UCLA, Georgia, Cal
Memphis, Bowling Green, Texas Tech, BYU
[tabs type=”vertical”][tabs_head][tab_title]Rankings Explained[/tab_title][tab_title]11/03/2015[/tab_title][tab_title]11/10/2015[/tab_title][tab_title]11/17/2015[/tab_title][tab_title]11/24/2015[/tab_title][tab_title]12/01/2015[/tab_title][tab_title]12/08/2015[/tab_title][/tabs_head][tab]This poll is point based, it is pretty basic. You get a certain amount of points per win. You get more points if you win vs. a P5 school (as of right now BYU is not considered a P5 school, which can change). More points if you win vs. a top 30 team and even more vs. a top 10 team. (Note, I gather those rankings from Jeff Saragin’s Rankings). Strength of schedule is probably the biggest component of this poll. Once again I pull SOS rankings from Saragin’s poll. This ranking system is purely based on these numbers; no personal bias is thrown into these rankings. [/tab] [tab]Clemson over took Alabama this week after their win over NC State, Alabama had the week off.  Florida, and Notre Dame continue to rise.  LSU fell a little bit, but once again teams that have bye weeks will usually slip a little bit with the calculations.  Michigan, Southern California and Wisconsin all make additions in this weeks Top 25, while California and Texas Tech drop out.  Local teams opponents this weeks, Washington comes in at 42nd, San Jose State comes in at 87th.  Utah State who is ranked 44th, takes on New Mexico who comes in at 99th. [/tab] [tab]Clemson remains on top this week.  First change you will see is Florida getting leap frogged by Utah and Stanford.  That change had nothing to do with how bad Florida looked, everything to do with how bad playing Vanderbilt hurts your SOS.  Oklahoma State and North Carolina make the biggest jumps this week.  North Carolina was ranked 27th last week.  Ole Miss hanging around is a little bit of a surprise, but a strong SOS is keeping them up their.  Baylor still on the outside looking in, but that could change with a win over Oklahoma this week.[/tab] [tab]Alabama takes over the top spot this week.  It’s hard to argue what Alabama has done with the #3 rated SOS.  They have 6 wins over teams in the top 30.  The next closest team has 3 wins over the top 30.  Florida jumped up to 4th after Utah lost, followed by Iowa, who is slowly climbing.  Oklahoma with the biggest jump of the week up 7 spots to number 7 right behind their in state rival.  Utah remains in the top 10 despite the loss, SOS helping keep them up there.  Oregon jumps from just outside the top 25 last week to number 17 this week.  They match up with #16 USC this week, which should be a great game.  Washington State makes their first appearance of the season rounding out the top 25.  The SEC, Pac-12, and Big 10 each have 5 teams in this weeks top 25. [/tab] [tab]The top 3 remain the same this week.  Oklahoma makes a big jump into the 4th spot that was occupied by Florida last week.  Iowa remains steady in the 5th stop, followed by Michigan State after their big win.  Stanford jumps back in the top 10 and Utah falls out.  Utah still ranked high, SOS just keeps getting better and that is helping them keep that top 15 ranking.  Oregon continues to climb after their impressive win over USC.  Baylor makes their first appearance in these calculated rankings as they begin to actually play legit teams.  Lastly, UCLA makes a return to the poll after the win on the road at Utah.  The SEC has the most teams represented this week with 6, followed by 5 for the Pac-12, 5 for the Big-10, 4 for the ACC, and 4 for the Big-12. [/tab] [tab]Alabama remains the #1 team, followed by Oklahoma.  Clemson and Stanford, who made a big jump into the top 4 would be your playoff teams if the season was done today.  TCU, Florida, & Utah had pretty big falls from where they were last week.  Not a whole lot of change other than that.  Miami found itself in the poll and UCLA hung on to the final spot.  This weeks rankings were split pretty evenly between the power 5 conferences.  The SEC, ACC, Pac-12, and Big 10 all had 5 teams, followed by the Big-12 who had 4 teams representing.  The other team represented would be Notre Dame.  [/tab] [tab]The college football playoffs would look just a little different if they used our calculated rankings.  Clemson, Alabama, and Oklahoma are in, however, my rankings spit out Stanford as the other team and even had them at 3rd.  The rest of the poll has little changes here and there, as most teams didn’t play.  Houston made the biggest jump from being just outside the rankings last week to #20 this week.  We will do one more ranking after all the bowls have been played. [/tab] [/tabs]