TornBySports College Football Picks: Week 7

TornBySports Lunch Break

ASU at Utah

Grant: 31-28 Utes. As much as I have heard about the history between these two teams, all streaks come to an end. This one will on Saturday. I think Travis Wilson comes back big in the game. Watch the Utes screen action to Booker during this game. It will be a major factor in my opinion.

Patrick: 34-21 UTAH!!!! ASU always is a tough game for the Utes. Utes get them at home and the Utes need to come out and take it to the Sun Devils and destroy them and their fans. I can’t stand ASU!! I hope the Utes beat them into oblivion!!!

Aaron: 31-17 Utah. The win against Oregon continues to look less impressive, until you remember the Utes hung 62 on the ducks in Autzen. This team though is built around defensive prowess. I expect the Utes to come out and have a relatively easy game against an underachieving ASU squad.

Justin: 28-24 Utah. ASU has had Utah’s number in recent years but with Utah at home, I give the edge to the Utes.

Steve: 31-27 Utah. Arizona State held UCLA’s Perkins, the Pac-12’s leading rusher last year, to only 63 rushing yards this year. The Devil’s defense brings 6-7 guys on almost every pass play and schemes to cause chaos. After Travis Wilson’s less-than-stellar performance last week against Cal, I’m worried that ASU will key on Booker and bring pressure to daze Wilson. That being said, Utah’s defense is one of the most stingy in the country and can make up for a lack of offensive fire-power. A few forced turnovers, the energy of RES, and some revenge-seeking passionate players will give the edge to Utah…hopefully.

Cincinnati at BYU

Grant: 41-38 BYU. Cardiac Cougs win again. After some tough weeks, BYU finds a way to hold off the Bearcats and win. However, this is going to be a high scoring event. The team to make the best defensive play will win the game.

Aaron: this one is bound to be another shootout, and will likely come down to which team makes fewer mistakes. Turnovers will dictate the outcome of this game. Mangum’s health is obviously a huge factor to the success of BYUs offense. Points will be a plenty on Friday. BYUs defense leaves much to be desired, but should be getting 3 key contributors back for this big mid season match-up. I think being in Provo will be the ultimate factor, and BYU pulls it off by one score… Again. 41-35 BYU.

Justin: 38-35 BYU. If the BYU defense can play well, force a couple INT’s, and the BYU offense can control time of possession, then I think BYU walks away with a win.

Steve: 45-38 BYU. The key stat here: Cincinnati has lost the turnover battle in every single game so far this season, including giving up 5 in its loss to Temple. BYU will need all the turnovers it can get with a QB hammy injury and a game poised to be a shootout, and with a defense that is almost back to full strength, that is a real possibility.  

Boise State at USU

Grant: 31-17 Boise State. I really want to pick USU in this game, but my head says differently. I expect Boise to dominate for large chunks of the game and come out with the win.

Aaron: 41-17 Boise State. Since their loss to BYU, Boise State has looked pretty darn good. Utah State hasn’t shown me anything to think they’ll make this game really all competitive. I like the Broncos by a good margin.

Steve: 35-24 Boise State. Since losing to BYU, BSU has scored over 40 points four games in a row. Utah State’s defense will be better than what BSU has seen recently, but the Aggies’ losses to to Utah and Washington make me think USU won’t be able to pull of a victory against a relatively higher-profile team.

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