TornBySports College Football Picks – Week 6

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Cal at Utah

Grant: 35-28 Utah. Everyone is talking about this game being the marquee game of the PAC-12 games this week and a potential preview of the championship game. I think this game will be controlled by yUtah. Cal hasn’t faced a defense of this quality yet and it will catch them. The other key factors: Special Teams (advantage Utah) and turnovers. The turnover battle is an interesting one since Cal has forced 18 and the Utes have given up 4.

Justin: 34-18 Utah. I am not overly impressed with the Cal schedule. They barely escaped Texas who doesn’t look good. Also they have one score games against UW and WSU. I think Utah controls this game, at home, and takes care of Cal. The key will be if Wilson can stay on the field.

Chesh: 24-20 Utah. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m confident Utah wins this game. Yes, I do believe the Oregon debacle was an absolute anomaly. Utah isn’t that good, and Oregon isn’t that bad. Particularly the play of Travis Wilson. That’s the greatest game he’s ever played, or will ever play, and I don’t believe that it can be replicated. Jared Goff is very good, but the Cal team as a whole I believe is a question mark aside from him and won’t be able to hang for a full four quarters. Utah’s ridiculously good defense and special teams will win this for them.

East Carolina at BYU

Grant: 31-28 ECU. This is VA Tech bias. ECU held their own with Florida and beat VA Tech. I think this game is a coin flip and another close game for BYU. Cardiac Cougs once again.

Justin: 34-27 BYU. This is a sneaky game. The BYU injuries make is so difficult to predict games. Who will be available makes a difference in how I think they will play. ECU has shown they can play with anyone, see UF and VT, but Navy crushed them. I think this will be a back and forth game but the Cougars find a way, again, to win it in the 2nd half.

Chesh: 26-20 BYU. The BYU offense knows how to move the ball, but they don’t know how to score inside the red zone. That’s a problem. I have no idea what to expect from this game, but with Harvey Langi and Travis Tuiloma back, the defense should hold enough for BYU to win this one at home. If it’s a road game for BYU, they lose. Having those two key players back on D will be enough if the offense has to settle for a couple field goals … if Trevor Samson makes them.

USU at Fresno State

Grant: 28-14 USU. Some logic. USU played Utah well. Utah beat Fresno State pretty clearly. That equals a USU win right? On the other side, USU has a strong defense and is no longer playing with an injured QB starting. Give Kent Myers another week taking all the snaps and establishing more chemistry with the wide receivers… Sounds like another USU win to me.

Chesh: 23-20 USU. Both of these teams are bad and I give USU the edge for having more talent and ability than the Bulldogs. It’s going to be as simple as that.

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