TornBySports College Football Picks – Week 5

Week five of our local college football picks. Here’s how the staff’s picks line-up: 



Justin: 31-13 BYU. I think BYU puts the Michigan game behind them pretty quickly. They got beat in every aspect, end of story. This week will serve as another RB try-out to see who will carry the load going forward. I think Francis Bernard will get more than enough attempts to try and make his case for the job. I think we all expected Mangum to have rough game at some point and now he has. He will bounce back to his true form on Friday. I don’t expect a huge crowd at LES though.

Todd: 35-7 BYU.  The BYU offense gets back on track and BYU proves that they are the team they were in the first three games and the Michigan game was just an outlier.  The defense improves, but mainly because UCONN doesn’t have the ability to run the ball down their throat.

Steve: 45-17 BYU. What do you do when the big boys in high school beat you up, steal your shoes, eat your lunch, kick your dog, and kiss your girlfriend? You walk to the local junior high and pummel scrawny 7th graders to get your confidence back. Enter UCONN. UCONN is coming off a two (2) win season. UCONN is averaging only 108 rushing yards per game: good news to a Cougar defense that has struggled to wrap up and seems reluctant to play physical off the block. UCONN did play Missouri tough on the road, losing 6-9 after UCONN’s coach elected to try a fake field goal instead of what would have been a game-tying field goal, but I expect BYU to be focused and fired up after the truck load of humble pie the Cougars were served last week.

Devin: 31-13, BYU. The Cougars are in desperate need of a bounce-back win, and they should get it against the Huskies. Fans will also be relieved that this one shouldn’t require a late-game Hail Mary.



Todd:  24-21 CSU.  Neither one of these team is as good as they were last year.  The Aggies would fair better with limping Chuckie out there, but he’s out again.  Can they continue to have success in conference without him?  This game is really a pick em.  One of them wins by three.

Steve: 27-21 CSU. The Rams, 2-2, have a rather high scoring offense averaging 35.5 points per game and hosting one of the best WRs in the country, Rashard Higgins. Meanwhile, the Aggies are averaging only 14.3 ppg and are now without the hobbled Chuckie Keeton. The Aggies are currently 4.5 point favorites, but I don’t see them beating the spread, or winning the game, if their offense continues to struggle.

Devin: 20-17, CSU. While neither team has done anything noteworthy this season, I feel like the Aggies have done less. They’ve dropped consecutive games against Pac-12 opponents and have to be excited about conference play, but without Chuckie, I’m not very confident in their offense. Utah State keeps it interesting, but comes up short.