“To Jimmer or Not To Jimmer?” That is the question!

So let’s be honest, as the upcoming NBA draft nears there is really only one question on Jazz fans minds: “To Jimmer or Not to Jimmer?”

Giving that I work at a bank and am always dealing with money that is worth face value, I got to thinking; what is the face value of, “The Jimmer?”

Only a Ute fan who can’t stand to see a Cougar succeed may fail to see the Jimmer for having value. A Cougar fan may see him for more than face value. So when the Jimmer coin is flipped what side will it land on? I’m not a BYU homer by any means but I have to think there is a better chance he will prove more Cougars fans right than UTE fans when his ultimate value shows through. So what is his face value? I will give “The Jimmer” value in money terms where the highest bill seen is the $100.00 (Benjamin Franklin). This for sake of comparison to basketball terms is Lebron James.

So here is how I valued “The Jimmer”:

He can shoot… PERIOD! He won’t have to adjust to the three point line because he is already comfortable shooting the NBA three. He shoots the ball from deep as good as anyone in this draft. The Jazz are in desperate need of some consistent perimeter shooting. He fits this bill perfectly. Value $20.

He is not just a shooter but also a scorer. He beat people off the dribble time and time again in college. He proved against Kawhi Leonard and Billy White of San Diego state, (both above average defenders) in multiple games that he could get to the rim and length doesn’t bother him. He will be able to get to the rim in the NBA. Value $15.

He is an underrated passer. Many have been comparing him to Steve Nash when he came out of college. I personally believe he isn’t as good of a passer as Nash was leaving college, but being compared to a multiple time league MVP bodes well for him. With Kirelenko’s return to the Jazz looming as a big question mark for the upcoming season; maybe Jimmer could be the answer. He could come off the bench to manage the offense and distribute the ball on the second team, as well as score when needed. Value $13

He likes a challenge and plays his best ball under pressure. If you followed Jimmer in college you noticed that he always seemed to perform best when the pressure was the greatest, and in opponents arenas. With the exception of Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving, I don’t believe any other players in college basketball were as good as Jimmer when the pressure was on, to have a big game. The Jazz proved this year in the absence of Deron Williams, that they lacked someone to step up in big games consistently. Maybe Jimmer could provide that, even in a bench role… Value $12.

Intangibles. He seems to have the potential to be a hard worker. He will probably keep improving. He says and does all the right things. Marketing loves him. His fans love him. He will put more Jazz fans in the seats. He is “The Jimmer.” Value $5 plus.

So for those that need help with math that is a total of 3 Jackson’s and one Abraham or one Grant, one Hamilton and one Abraham. What does this all mean? Well if I really knew I’d be working for the Jazz (then again I get the sense the Jazz brass don’t know what to make of Jimmer, with all his pros and cons). By my assessment he may just fill enough holes for the Jazz that they might take him. If the Jimmer is worth a 65 dollar bill out of a possible one hundred, I say the Jazz should take him! One thing is for sure if “The Jimmer” is on the board at 12 when the Jazz come up, it won’t be easy to pass him up.

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  • JimmieChesh

    Sixtyfive bucks? Man … I’m glad you’re not negotiating the new CBA for the league, 😉