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Gordon Whoward? The Utah Jazz is more than one player.  I understand the angst from Jazz fans, but it is not the end of the Jazz.  There is hope within the darkness.  Gordon Hayward, or anyone player does not affect my fandom.  I have been a Jazz fan longer than Gordon Hayward has been alive.  Here are some thoughts on what happened last week:

The Decision

People have thrown shade at LeBron for how he handled his decision to take his talents to South Beach.  Even Gordon Hayward did a parody on it for some gaming thing I still don’t understand fully.  Gordon Hayward’s decision day was a thousand times worse.  Someone leaked he was going to Boston, then it came out he was still deciding (or writing his little thank you note).  He denied the claims he had made a decision to try to calm the waters, when in reality he made it much worse.

Gordon Hayward has wanted to play for Brad Stevens again since Stevens moved to the NBA.  He cited he had “unfinished business”.  My only question to his “unfinished business” statement is whether or not he has finished his business with the Jazz.  The Jazz rebuilt a team around him.  Seems pretty unprofessional to go finish other business before you finish the business you are working on.

I didn’t think he was leaving, because I didn’t feel Boston or Miami was a better situation.  Maybe I’m looking through fan glasses, but are the Boston Celtics better than the Jazz were last year?  I would have loved to have seen Hayward play with a true pass first point guard for the first time in his career.  We won’t be getting that now, IT is good but he is not a pass first guy.

Moving on

The Utah Jazz did a very good job reacting.  I remember reading complaints about lack of moves.  The worse thing the Jazz could have done was overreact to Hayward’s departure.  I think Dennis Lindsey did the right thing, he let the waters calm and signed three solid players and didn’t over spend.  The wrong thing to do was to offer way too much money to Rudy Gay or something because… scoring?  The three moves they made are indication of whose team it is now.

Trust in Rudy Gobert

I said this last year before I thought Hayward was leaving, but Gordon Hayward was not the best player on the Jazz last year.  There I said it again, Rudy Gobert is 2nd All NBA and Defensive Player of the Year runner up.  Yeah, Hayward was an All Star, but this team started to revolve around Rudy last year.  The Jazz have a defensive identity and have for a couple years now and that is because of Rudy Gobert.

The Jazz have buckled down and signed three role players to solidify the fact that this is Rudy’s team.  Rudy Gobert is the face of the Utah Jazz now!

This all being said, scoring is going to be rough.  Dennis Lindsey is hoping Rodney Hood can be a more consistent scorer and hoping ball movement from Ricky Rubio will open up more scoring from different outlets.


I have been a Utah Jazz fan before Gordon Hayward was born.  Am I frustrated he went elsewhere?  Yes, but the Utah Jazz is more than any one player.  It’s a classy organization and they are still building for the future.  They are still doing things the right way.  Great coach and great front office.  The Jazz are in good hands and the world is not ending.  The Jazz will still make the playoffs next year and are still building a contender.  GO JAZZ!

Rudy Gobert
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  • Spot on. Have been a Jazz fan since Maravich and Griffin. Will be tomorrow and the day after. Building on the Gobert foundation is smart. Jazz will be just fine thank you.