The Conundrum of Luis Gil: The Saga Continues

Luis Gil

The following post was written by Caleb Reeve as a follow-up to his post – The Conundrum of Luis Gil. You can follow Caleb Reeve on Twitter by following: @calebreeve

So what do you do with Luis Gil? I’m not the type of person to just ask a question and not provide any meaningful options to help answer the question. That being said, I’m just a fan. I’m not a member of the media, a coach or insider. I’m just a guy who was given a platform to express his thoughts and ideas. Who am I to tell them no?

To be clear, I don’t think Luis Gil is a bad player. At the same time I don’t think he is able to perform at his best in this system and with this personnel currently. From a numbers point of view, you shouldn’t spend $220,000 (base) for 2 assists and 2 goals per year. That just doesn’t make sense. Mulholland tripled those numbers for about half the price last season.

As I see it there are 3 options: Keep things as they are. Trade or sell him. Loan him to the Monarchs.

You can keep things the same but what does that get you? It’s like signing Clint Mathis all over again. You’re spending lots of money on someone that isn’t giving you a return on your investment. I don’t see things changing any time soon if you keep things the way they are.

RSL could try to make a move with him. Do you get another player? Allocation money? Maybe some of both? Is the player you get likely to do any better than Gil? Is there a big market for Luis right now? Are there teams looking for a player that might be great? Freddy Adu was that guy for awhile. Lots of teams spent lots of money on hope. There are so many variables to this that it makes my head spin. I mean, every team in the league has someone that gets paid exclusively to know the answers those questions. So with my limited insight, it is hard to determine if this is even a viable option.

You put him on loan to the Monarchs. Isn’t this why the Monarchs were created? Isn’t this the perfect place for Luis to go? While Morales is in stunning form, when the natural forwards are playing up top, is it better to have Gil get on as a sub now and again? As a fan, I’d rather see him on loan to the Monarchs where he would play. At the very least you aren’t paying a guy to practice and sit on a bench.

Think of all the advantages of making this move. He’ll be at his natural position. This allows him to get real game experience for when the time comes Javier Morales just can’t do it like he has been doing it. He gets to play! 90 minutes is better than 30. More playing time means his game should improve more rapidly. He maybe gets his ego bruised. A kick in the pants may motivate him to play harder and improve his game. The front office guys at RSL get an accelerated time frame to see if he is ‘The Guy.’ Will he step up and create? Will he score goals and make those around him better?

For me it makes sense…but then again, I’m only a fan.

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