The BYU Greats in the NFL

Football season is here, and although I am 5 years removed from my BYU education, the glory days are still alive and well with dominant players like John Beck and Dennis Pitta taking over the NFL.  Who even needs to watch college football anymore?  That is, unless your team will have 7 games on ESPN this year – then it’s not too much trouble to follow your alma mater.  This might be the greatest year of football ever – college and NFL combined.  Here’s why:

John Beck – you just know that he is going to lead the NFL in passing yards, completion percentage, and touchdowns.  When you hear him say things in the preseason like, “It was tough to go through an injury because I missed practice, and that was frustrating, and not being able to play in the game, that was also frustrating,” you just know that he’s dedicated to winning.  Frustrated times two.  I feel bad that Beck wasn’t very lucky in Miami, but I did hear rumors that some of his teammates didn’t like him and dropped passes on purpose.  I don’t know if that has any validity to it at all, but because he was one of the greatest BYU QBs ever, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  I wish ol’ Johnny all the best of luck this year with the Redskins…he’s gotta be better than Grossman, right?  In all honesty, I don’t know if he’ll survive more than 8 weeks without getting injured, but I do think he has plenty of skill.

Dennis Pitta – 2010 season stats – 1 catch for 1 yard.  BOLD prediction – he will at least double his stats from last year.  What takes pro coaches so long to implement a good player like Pitta into their offense?  I guess the Ravens had Todd Heap on their roster last season and I don’t know where he is now, but 4 catches and 47 yards say it all.  Pitta is setting himself up to be a prime backup TE (as listed on the Ravens depth chart).  Let’s hope he gets moved up to #1 by the start of the season so he can do something this year.

Manase Tonga – he’s a Raider – probably a better acquisition than JaMarcus Russell.  Ohhhh snap.

Harvey Unga – daaaa Bears.  One of my favorite running backs from BYU (I wasn’t there during the dominance of Luke Staheli).  I hope he gets a chance to play a little.  I want to know if his parents actually named him Harvey, or if that was a self-given name at some point in his life.  Hopefully it won’t speed up the retirement process too much.

Fui Vakapuna – on the Bengals.  I don’t remember much about him – I think he was a running back.  The Bengals have a real shot at winning it all this year with Fui on the team.

For some reason, as a fantasy sport activist, it’s always bittersweet when one season is coming to an end and another is beginning.  I’m never really excited for football to start because fantasy football isn’t as fun to me, but as soon as the season begins, I’m completely entrenched, and wonder why I even play fantasy baseball.  Thank goodness the lockout was resolved – what would we all do if we only had 400 college football games to watch without any NFL?