The Big 3: Utah Jazz Post-All-Star Break Predictions

1. What current member of the Utah Jazz will be the first to play in an All-Star Game?

It’s safe to say that with Trey Burke’s rookie success, many would say he’ll be the next Jazz player to appear on a Sunday during NBA All-Star Weekend.  Trey’s a phenomenal talent and no doubt should make a few All-Star teams during his career, but I don’t think he’ll be the first one we see make an appearance.  Well, it should be Derrick Favors then, right?  We all know that Favors has the potential to be an incredible defender in the league, but we’re talking about the All-Star game  – 13 of the league’s top 15 players in terms of points per game were All-Stars; Favors currently ranks #82 in PPG.  So let’s just get it out there – Gordon Hayward will be the next Utah Jazz All-Star.  No doubt about it, Hayward has had an inconsistent year.  Between the pressure to be “The Man” when it comes to Utah’s offense and the fact that it’s a contract season, Hayward seems to be pressing at times and often visibly frustrated.  It won’t last, folks.  Expect Gordon to find a groove in the last stretch of the season, and to be more comfortable with his role next season, especially since won’t be worried about getting paid.

2. Will the Utah Jazz make a move by the trade deadline?

No.  Let’s not beat around the bush, aside from the dealing Deron Williams, when was the last time the Jazz made a notable trade near the deadline.  With the current roster, there aren’t many moves that makes sense for the Jazz.  The team has committed to the young guys, picking up options on Alec Burks and Enes Kanter earlier this year.  Favors and Burke obviously aren’t going anywhere, and word from the organization is that re-signing Hayward is at the top of the list of things to do during the offseason.  No one wants Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins’ contacts without salary dumping another player to the Jazz.  Marvin has been marvelous for the Jazz this season, and while he may be the player that generates the most interest (besides Hayward), expect him to be in Utah’s long-term plans.  Brandon Rush may be the most likely to be moved.  He has potential and hasn’t seemed to fit with this Utah team.  Other teams may be interested, but don’t expect much in return.  In fact, don’t expect anything other than another quiet passing of the trade deadline in Utah.

3. How many games will the Jazz win from here on out?

13.  Expect more of the same from the Jazz.  If you’re aboard the tank train, you’ll probably be fairly satisfied with the remainder of the season.  Games will get more difficult as other teams are fighting for playoff positions, but that doesn’t mean the Jazz won’t look good losing.  Plan on seeing some of the best team efforts on some nights.  And other nights… well, there are a few expiring contracts on the team.  Regardless, the last couple of months will present the best opportunity for fans to see what the Jazz will look like going into next season.

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Devin Masters

Devin has been a lifelong Utah Jazz fan, enduring the heartbreak of Michael Jordan's push-off and the tragic end of the Sloan era. A lover of college athletics, he supports Notre Dame and the University of Utah. A fan of the world's game, he can be found cheering for Real Salt Lake, and the American and Spanish national teams. Also a fan of the Denver Broncos, and a casual follower of the Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners. He is a Dub State graduate and widely considered the pride of Ogden.