Talking UCONN @ BYU Cougars with Bob Joyce

BYU vs UConn

On this episode of the TornBySports Lunch Break, I talk with Bob Joyce, fromWTIC News/Talk1080 as the studio host for UCONN football radio. Bob gives us an idea of what has been going on with UCONN and what BYU fans can expect to see on Saturday.

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About the author

Grant Bagby

Since moving to Utah in 2005, I have changed from following all sports in D.C/Virginia to following all sports in Utah. I am a Chicago Bulls fan first (Born and raised by my father), but I am also a hardcore Jazz fan with 7 years of being a season ticket holder under my belt. I started TornBySports to write about the BYU/Utah Rivalry after Max Hall ran his mouth.

  • Wahului

    Get someone else to do the live interviews.

    • bagbyg

      Thanks for the feedback. Is there something specific you would like me to improve in the interviews?