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The Curious Case of Gordon Hayward

Compared to his rookie year, so far this season Hayward is down six percent in FG % and is down a disconcerting 16 % from 3-point land.

The Team to Save the Universe

With the NBA locked out, Christian has nothing better to do than think of who would represent the world if aliens came and challenged mankind to a seven game...

NBA Dreamin’

With the NBA season in jeopardy, I had a dream in which I appeared in the labor negotiations with a chance to save the season. Here's what I had to say.

NBA Conference Semi-Finals

The NBA has kept up the entertaining regular season with many fantastic playoff series. I am a little disappointed that the Nuggets aren’t flying to Memphis...

The Playoff Picture Pt. 2

I’m in a bracket-predicting mood, spending much of today looking at the NCAA tournament bracket. After filling out my tenth bracket, I wondered if I...