Utah Utes Football: Players that should change positions

On the heels of hearing that Harvey Langi will be switching to defense when he returns home from a mission in June. I really like this move for Langi. It will be interesting to see if he was able to keep most of his speed and quickness along with the added size. In my opinion, I would love to see him drop down to a lean mean 225-230lbs. and assume a Jacoby Hale type role with the LBs.

Here are a few players that should consider changing positions:

Brandon Cox QB-WR or DB 
At 6’2 200lbs with quickness and agility- I think Cox could make the transition to either WR or DB. At WR he would already know the offense and is roughly the same size as both Dres Anderson and Kenneth Scott. At DB he would give the Utes some good size at the Corner position and with how fast he is- he definitely could battle it out with the taller/faster receivers in the Pac 12.

Andre Lewis WR-DB 
I think with Andre’s size 6’3 208lbs- he could give the Utes another Keith McGill/Sean Smith type Corner-he’s fast, he’s quick and he has good hands. He would definitely give the Utes the size at the Corner position to match up with taller receivers/tight ends.

Harrison Handley TE-DE 
6’4 250lbs-I would love to see this switch-give Handley a little more time to add on some more size and gain some experience I think he could be a beast at this position-a Paul Kruger type beast.

Who would you like to see switch positions? 

By Patrick Thomsen

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