Sports Bros Podcast: St. Mary’s Exposes BYU’s Weaknesses


It’s not news that BYU basketball has struggled this year, but it was still a bit shocking to see St. Mary’s dismantle the Cougars in the Marriott Center Saturday night.

The famously efficient and annoyingly patient Gaels shut down BYU’s thin bench, shot lights out from the field, and slowed the game down to a snail’s pace. In contrast, the Cougars seemed powerless to do anything on either end of the court. Tonight the Bros will break down the game and how it underscored BYU’s many weaknesses.

And, of course, the Bros will discuss the Cougars’ regular season finale coming up in Spokane against the top-ranked, undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs. Can BYU keep it within reach like they did in Provo, or will the Zags run away with it?

And just to mix things up, the Bros will discuss BYU’s men’s volleyball team, which is tearing it up in league play.

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Andy Kartchner

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