Sports Bros Podcast: Should BYU fire someone?


Following their fourth straight defeat at the hands of in state rival Utah State, BYU is reeling. With two quarterbacks banged up and one of the worst offenses in in nation, Cougar fans are starting to get restless.

Making things worse, BYU has a quarterback quandary on their hands. Beau Hoge, who looked effective in his limited action against Utah State, is injured with an apparent concussion. Meanwhile, Tanner Mangum’s status is still unknown. Who will play Friday against Boise State? Who gives the Cougars the best chance of winning?

In addition to these issues, the Bros debate the questions everyone is asking: Is this offensive coaching staff in over their heads? Does someone bare the brunt of the responsibility, and if so, who? Should BYU considering firing one of the offensive coaches? Is Ty Detmer untouchable? How much latitude should these coaches have going forward?

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Aaron Kartchner

I’m another one of those kids who thinks he knows everything there is to know about BYU football/basketball and how it can get better. I mean heck, don’t we all? But I really do have the answers. Seriously.

Little Bro of the Sports Bros tandem alongside Andrew Kartchner.

  • Realistic Optimist

    Anybody that thinks that we should fire Ty Detmer, is out of their mind.
    The Heisman Trophy winner was praised by Brett Farve for being a great coach while serving him as a back up QB for a bg part of those NFL 14 years. If he was great with the Green Back Packes, why can’t he be great for BYU?

    Where in the total United States of America can we get anyone as qualified and as good, considering the money we pay, considering the Honor Code, Considering the many other obsticles? We would be out of our minds to throw the baby out with the bath water. We talk about the great RB and the great QB that we had last year that gave us a chance to look like a pretty good team.

    We must not throw our coaches out, instead, we need to find in our recruiting a way to attract 4-5 star players to fill the positions on our offense that are WR’s, TE’s, RB, and QB. We need to make sure both lines, OF and DF are more than adequate to protect the QB and give him time to hit his targets . WE must make sure we have someone that can make every extra point (PAT).

    If there is a legal and moral way to have our Wards, our Stake Centers, our Regions to influence the 4-5 players that are already in our fold, to come to us instead of USC, Washington, Ohio State, Alabama, Florida State etc. than we can start seeing results. If we are going to be successful playing P5 teams, we have have comparable athletes. Otherwise just remember that we can’t make sweet orange by just squeeing lemons. We may love our lemonade, but lemonade will never be orange juice.

    • knights_lance

      I wholeheartedly agree… this is an excellent staff who will bring it around, if we just have patience.

  • Michael Clements

    Dumping any coach, particularly Detmer, would be a massive blunder. Talk of such is a distraction.
    The players are not executing the coaching schemes. They need more work and more time. They need to internalize the information, that hasn’t happened yet. Some players pick it up faster, and are more committed, than others. Hoge’s injury put us back into a hole. That isn’t a coaching thing.
    There is a learning curve for everyone. Let them get on with it.
    Don’t get distracted, stay the course and let the coaches and players create something special.
    Fans need to pay the price of success just like the team. Keep the faith and stay true.

  • caljac

    Detmer is the Peter Principle in action! He has definitely risen to his level of incompetency. Under Detmer’s “leadership” the offense has become the WORST IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL! That’s not my opinion, that’s what the facts (stats) tell us.

    What most people don’t get, is this is YEAR TWO of the Ty Detmer Offense. In any other situation, at any other school, people would all be demanding a change in the OC. To not do so, and blame the athletes is absurd. Coaches are ultimately responsible for designing the offense around their talent and adjusting it as needs be. Detmer needs to step down immediately as OC and coach the QB’s. Lamb should move to OC. In the past, Lamb has had some of the best offenses in his divisions. It can’t get any worse, statistically speaking.

    To not make a move, is a disservice to the athletes, the school, and the fans. The Detmer experiment is over, and he needs to get out before he tarnishes his reputation. The facts speak for themself. If Sitaki doesn’t do it, Holmoe will be forced to take action. All the nonsense about “the players have to execute better”, is an excuse you hear from losing coaches on their way out.

    • GreekSophistry

      And in year 1 of the offense it was effective. They scored plenty of points. Suddenly in year 2, with top QB’s injured, you’re talking about firing Detmer? Did you even watch the game? That offense was rocking, scoring 2 TDs and leading USU 21 – 7. Then QB #2 gets concussed, and they bring in QB#3, who probably had a few reps. QB#3 threw 3 pics (2 for TDs) and added a couple of fumbles. Stud running back also fumbles trying to get a couple of extra yards. 7 offensive turnovers by rookies and you want to fire Detmer?

      Sorry, you should have watched the game.

      • caljac

        Unfortunately, I watched every painful moment, including some extremely poor coaching decisions on the offensive side of the ball. This was after a bye week! I really felt sorry for the defense, who played their hearts out after being repeatedly put on a short field because of the offensive ineptitude. While the offense was a little better than in the past 3 games, it was against a marginal Utah State team. While the fumbles were painful, the decision to run an already injured Hoge with a rookie behind him, and to throw the ball before halftime with Detmer Jr. were inexcusable and an indication of Ty Detmer’s lack of coaching experience or play calling intelligence. BTW, turnovers are a direct outcome of coaching emphasis.

        Yes, the offense was better last year due to the inclusion of two NFL level athletes in Hill & Williams. If Detmer’s offense requires that level of athlete for moderate success, he better move back to high school.

  • Wahului

    Yes!! Fire the Karchners!!! They’re both idiots!!!!