Sports Bros Podcast: Nail in BYU’s P5 Coffin?


Tonight on the Sports Bros Podcast, the Bros talk about whether recent events spell doom for BYU’s P5 hopes.

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Andy Kartchner

I have a Ph.D. in sports analytics. No I don’t. But I do have a law degree. And if there’s one thing I learned in law school, it’s how to write about sports.

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  • Ironweed

    BYU is toast in the P5 discussion.

    • Ken Lee

      hope so…no P5…if we can get all those good games from all the conferences lined up, it is more interesting and actually better. Maybe less money than PAC12 cash but more interesting. Who cares if Utah can edge WSU or Cal ? or most of the others they play? Rather play a couple Pac12, SEC, ACC, BIG10 etc. Mix it up Holmoe…BYU has unlimited cash anyway…

      • Jeppa Jeppson

        I agree but ware do you figure in unlimited cash !!

    • Jeppa Jeppson

      You seem to not have figured in how so many power 5 teams lose to BYU

      • Ironweed

        You seemed not to understand my comment. BYU will not be invited to a P5 conference.

  • roboto

    Those that believe conference expansion/realignment is anywhere close to done have a very short-sided view of college football. For now BYU is independent. We’ll see what happens when more dominos fall in the future.

  • Malty17

    PAC12 has better locations…. and I’m a west guy. That said, the PAC isn’t going to let them in, so the Big12 is the only real option (if an option at all).

    • Jeppa Jeppson

      I think BYU tv contract is the real issue with why we can not get in the power 5